Which branch can I drop my items off at?

You can use virtually any branch across our network to drop your mail off. A handful of branches can't offer Drop & Go due to space restrictions. Search for your nearest branch using our branch finder, remembering to select "Drop & Go" as the service required
On your first drop-off, say hello to the branch team and Postmaster. They can show you where to drop your items off on future trips and tell you about any additional support they offer to Drop & Go customers

How can I prepare for my drop off?

You’ll need to bring your Drop & Go account number or card, your completed manifest and the items you’d like to post
We’ve made a short guide to help you complete your manifest correctly. You can find out more information about preparing your items to post. These guides will help save time in branch and make sure your items get to their destination successfully

What happens when I drop my items off?

Once you’ve dropped off your items, that's it for you - it's time for the 'go' part of Drop & Go. The branch team will weigh, measure, sort the postage and collect payment from your topped-up account. There’s no need for you to wait around – they will process your items on the day
You’ll receive confirmation of the drop processing and payment will be shared on your online account history. A tracking reference number will also be shared on your account history if this service has been selected for your items

What happens if there are any problems with my drop off?

If there are any problems processing your mail, the branch will be in touch as soon as possible. For that reason, we need to capture your email address and phone number, ideally a mobile number. When you drop your items off, we'll also check these details with you again, just so we know we've got the right number to get through to you

If you haven't set up an auto top-up on your account and funds are too low to cover the cost of posting, our Postmasters can send you a top-up reminder via email or SMS