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Loads of businesses send items regularly. Drop & Go speeds this up and can save you money

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Same day sending to keep the business moving


Full range of postal services

Need a few things sent urgently and others 2nd class? No problem, just tell us which in the manifest and we’ll sort it


Pay for what you need

No payment plans or subscriptions – just top your account up online or use auto top-up


No waiting at the counter in branches

Bring the items into a branch, give them to us, and (you’ve guessed it) go. We’ll do the rest and send the same day


Manage everything online

Forget paper receipts. Your tracking is all in one place, online, and easy to find. You’ll never need to look for a piece of paper again

We've got your back

Keep things simple and smooth


Sort your inventory and manifest out online, and top up your account.


Find a local Drop & Go branch. It’s available in most branches. Just drop off your items, then go and get back to business.


We’ll get your items posted that day, and you can keep track of them online – just log into your account.

Your postmaster can help

Get to know your local postmaster when you sign up. They can be a great benefit to your business. They’re at the heart of their communities and experts in the movements of local businesses and events, as well as our products and all the ways in which we can help you further.


There’s lots to think about when you’re running a business. Here’s how the features of the Drop & Go service helped Becky of Becky’s Bazaar get sending sorted and keep easy track of her orders.


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If you’re a solicitors or other firm sending lots of critical documents in bulk, do it quickly, simply and confidently. Package them up, drop them off and get back to business. We’ll process them, charge your account and you can track their progress online.

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Regularly posting items of the same size and weight? With Drop & Go, opticians, florists, fashion accessory retailers and more can quickly duplicate previous orders to speed up sending new ones.

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Arts, crafts, music, collectibles. Whatever you need to send and whoever your end customers, Drop & Go makes it simple to make a great impression, for everything from one-off sales to repeat business.

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We’ll help you make the transition from marketplace seller to fully fledged business. Our convenient service and easy online account management tools save you time as you scale things up.

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