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If you are moving home and want to take your Post Office services with you to your new address, then please call our dedicated home move team on 0345 600 3210 and say “Moving Home”. Please contact us at least 15 days before your move date.

If I move home, can I keep my existing phone number?

In most cases, you can keep your existing phone number, however if you are moving to a new home that's not within the same local area you may need a new number.

When will my service be working?

In most cases we can complete a home move within 15 days, and we will confirm this date with you when we process your order. Some homes may not have a working line for us to transfer your services to and a new line will need to be installed, this may delay things and may require an engineer visit, we will confirm this before your move date.

Do I need to agree to a new minimum term period?

Yes, when you contact us about your home move you will have to take out a new package with us so will restart you minimum term. If you are already in an existing minimum term agreement then this will be terminated and Early Termination Charges will not apply if you sign up to at least the same services at your new address.

What broadband speeds will I get in my new home?

We will provide you an estimate as we process your home move.

I'm moving to a new build?

This can sometimes cause a delay as a new line installation will probably be needed. Depending on what the home builder has already put in place and the location of the new property, this may also require dig work or permission from a local authority. The work needed can vary greatly, and may lead to further delays. We will keep you informed throughout the process on the updates we receive from Openreach, who carries out the work on behalf of all providers.

On Moving day

Don't forget to take your wireless router and all broadband filters with you when you move, as you'll need to continue to use these at your new address.

We understand how difficult it can be when a friend or family member has passed away. Our Customer Services team are here to make the process of starting a new account or closing a broadband or phone account as easy as possible for you.

Who do I contact?

Simply call our Customer Services team on 0345 600 3210 (free from a Post Office Home hone) to notify Post Office of the loss of the account holder. Our dedicated Customer Services team operates Monday - Saturday between 8.00am – 8:00pm, Sundays 9am to 6pm and are able to help you.

What you’ll need.

To find the right account, we’ll just need the account holders name and the account number (you can find this on the most recent bill) or the address of the property.

What happens next?

We will cancel the Post Office Broadband or Phone account. If you would like to continue the service in another name, a new account needs to be set up. Our team will walk you through the next steps.

Existing customers

Broadband and HomePhone Support

8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday

9am to 6pm, Sunday

0345 600 3210

0345 600 3210