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It’s quick and easy to pay your bill

  1. Bring us your bill

    Pop into your nearest branch or store with your barcoded bill and payment.

  2. Present it and pay

    Show your bill to the team there. They’ll scan it and take your payment. 

  3. Take your receipt

    You’ll get a receipt to confirm you’ve paid and that’s it – you’re done. 

Find your local Post Office

We've 11,500 branches around the UK. Let's find the Post Office that's most convenient for you.

Find your local Payzone

Search for a nearby Payzone store with our handy locator tool. 

Why use Post Office and Payzone?

Easy, convenient bill payments in communities across the UK

We’re closer than you think

Over 99% of UK people live within three miles of a Post Office branch or Payzone store, so you’ll never have to go far to pay your bills.

Withdraw money

Many of our branches and stores are open at quieter times, from early morning to later in the evening. Some open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Check your balance

If friends or family can’t get out to pay themselves, you can help by topping up their card for them in our branches or stores.

Need some help?

Bill payments help and support

Find answers to common questions about bill payments and top-ups or contact our team:

Visit our bill payments support page

For any enquiries relating to your supplier’s services please contact them directly.