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About the service

  • If you’ve already got a Post Office Life Insurance policy, you can sign up to the Health and Wellbeing Services.

    You can sign up online or give us a call on 0207 118 1143. You’ll need to have the following information to hand:

    • Policy number – this will be in your life insurance welcome pack
    • Date of birth
  • Specially trained operators will answer your call and take your details. They’ll arrange a convenient time for a GP to call you back or email you a link to join if you requested a video consultation.

  • Yes. You’ll have to pay  the cost of the private prescription and any delivery charges. You’ll be quoted the full cost before your order is placed.

  • After you’ve received a GP consultation, the GP can refer you to the nurse champion service.

  • Once you’ve been seen by a GP, the nurse champion can give you independent, unbiased advice and support. You can ask them about: 

    • A new diagnosis and what it means for you
    • The treatment options available to you
    • What medical terms and jargon mean

    You might also want help with:

    • Finding your way through the healthcare system
    • Preparing for doctor or specialist appointments
    • Accessing mental health services (such as counselling and psychological therapies)
    • Finding the right resources and trusted research
  • The nurse champion is available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm, excluding bank holidays.

  • Unlimited access to the nursing team is available with Post Office Life Insurance and Over 50s Life Cover. Through the service you'll get personalised support.

  • No, you can contact the GP advice line as often as you need. There's no limit to phone, video or message consultations you can have.

  • Dependants are eligible to use the GP advice line. If the patient is under the age of 16, you or a legal guardian must book the appointment on their behalf. You or the legal guardian must also attend the consultation.

  • No, this service isn’t suitable for emergency calls. This is because it may delay you getting the treatment you need. If you're in an emergency or life-threatening situation, please call your local emergency services or 999 immediately.

  • You can only use the service if you have a Post Office Life Insurance or Over 50s Life Cover. You can use these services as often as you like. Your partner and any children you have up to the age of 21 can also use the service. 

About our GPs and your information

  • A translator can be arranged to join your GP consultation at no extra charge. There are more than 240 languages available. Please let your nurse champion know which you need.

    • The doctors are hired through a strict two-stage interview process. These include Chief Medical Officer and HR reviews. This way, we make sure the GPs are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable to the same standards as your own GP. The minimum we ask for in our GPs are that they: Are currently practising in the NHS as a GP 
    • Have at least 2 years’ experience
    • Are on the GMC register
    • Have a Bachelor of Medicine Degree. If they qualified after 2007, they must be Members of the Royal College of GPs and on the National Performers List for England
    • Have completed an annual NHS appraisal
    • Have an enhanced DBS background check
    • Have provided complete document evidence they’re suitably qualified
    • Have provided at least two references to support their skills and experiences
  • The GPs are under constant review to make sure their skills are up to the highest standards. All GPs complete an NHS appraisal ever year to check their performance.

    The Quality Management System follows policies and procedures that match NHS best practises. Each GP’s performance is audited all year round. This auditing includes checking key documents to make sure all GPs’ knowledge, skills and registrations are up to date.

    Each doctor has recorded meetings with the clinical team twice a year. This is to share best practice and raise standards of care and service even further.

    As well as this review, GPs' clinical notes are checked by an independent external organisation called Clinical Guardian.

  • All your data and records are stored on our patient management system. This is held in a secure data centre. The data centre can only be accessed with multi-factor authentication by authorised users.

  • Yes, patient confidentiality is very important to us. All your records are kept private. Our doctors have clear guidelines to follow about sharing clinical notes with your own GP. They can only share information when it's appropriate and with the patient's full consent. Your own GP will be sent any medical notes, including consultation notes for any prescriptions or referrals.

  • We follow the NHS recommended records retention policy. This covers both in-person and telemedicine data. We keep all records for a minimum of 10 years.

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Monday to Friday, 9:30am – 5:30pm

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About this service

The Post Office Health and Wellbeing Services do not form part of your life cover contract and it could be changed or removed in the future. This is a non-contractual benefit Post Office Limited can withdraw at any time.

Post Office Health and Wellbeing Services are provided by MediPartner Limited, an independent health and advisory service that’s not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Once you’ve activated the service you can read its terms and conditions and the MediPartner privacy policy online.