Photocard Driving Licence Renewal

  • You could have your entitlement to drive withdrawn or you could get a £1,000 fine if you don't renew your photocard driving licence
  • Check section 4b of your photocard to see if your licence has expired

Are you due to renew?

Wave goodbye to that old not-so-flattering photograph because we'll help you renew your driving licence for just £4.50 - photo and postage included.

You can have your entitlement to drive withdrawn (you will not be allowed to drive) or you can be fined £1,000 for having a licence with out of date information, so it's best not to take any chances.

What we do

We’ll take your photo, make sure your signature meets DVLA standards and check your application. When all that’s done, we send it straight to the DVLA. • You can relax, because your application is in safe hands.

How it works

1. Pop down to a Post Office. Find out if your local branch can sort out driving licence renewal with our Branch Finder.

2. Bring your renewal reminder and your photocard driving licence (if you have it), along with any other items requested in the reminder letter.

3. We take your picture, make sure your application is correct and take your signature using a digital pad.

4. We send your details securely to the DVLA.

You should receive your new photocard from the DVLA in 3 weeks – though if they have to check your medical or personal details, it may take a bit longer.

How much it costs

We charge £4.50 to take your picture, check your application and send it off, while the DVLA charges £17 to renew a driving licence.

In total, you’ll need £21.50.

When to renew your licence

You're risking having your entitlement to drive withdrawn (you will not be allowed to drive) or a fine of £1,000 if your driving licence contains out of date information – so don’t take any chances when it comes to renewing yours.

When you're due to renew (usually about two months before your photocard driving licence expires) you'll receive a reminder from the DVLA.

If you haven't got a reminder, don't worry. As long as you haven't changed your name, you can still renew your licence at the Post Office. Just bring your photocard driving licence with you.

If the address on your licence is out of date, we can let the DVLA know at the same time you renew your licence – so make sure you let us know.

If any other details have changed, or you can't provide your photocard driving licence, you'll need to apply direct to DVLA.

Branch Accessibility

Our standard renewal booth is 0.694 metres wide, while our larger booths are 1.193 metres wide.

If you have any questions, or you need to find your nearest accessible branch you can get in touch with us by completing our contact form.

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