Thanks for doing a little good

We’ve raised over £250,000 for the Trussell Trust with your help. 



Making a difference

Over the winter of 2021-22, we partnered with the Trussell Trust to help raise money for those facing financial difficulties. During these challenging times and cost of living increases, the Trussell Trust provides a lifeline for the 14 million UK residents living in poverty. With our role in helping people manage their bills and do Everyday Banking, it made sense for us to go further and support a charity which helps households maximise their income and make the most of their money to help them out of poverty.

We’re delighted to say that your help enabled us to raise over £250,000. Simply by withdrawing cash in-branch, you allowed us to give 1p from every withdrawal to the Trussell Trust. 

On 31 March, our campaign will end. But there are still loads of ways you can continue to help. And while this campaign has come to an end, we are looking at how else we can support charities helping families in need. 

There's still time

It’s not over yet. You still have time before 31 March to make cash withdrawals in a Post Office branch and do a little good. Whether it’s cash for a bite to eat from your local market or to pay someone for a service, if you take cash out over a Post Office counter, you’ll be helping out.


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You can withdraw money in-branch

We’ve partnered with virtually all major banks to provide everyday banking services in all of our branches. So wherever you are, you can help. Just find your nearest branch and pick up some cash – whether that's to pick something up from your local market or pay a bill.

customer at a branch

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Other ways you can help

If you’d like to do more to help support the important work of the Trussell Trust, there’s a lot you can do. You can make a donation, and you can get involved by fundraising, volunteering, supporting a campaign, and donating food to your closest food bank.

food donations

Where the donation goes

More than 14 million people in the UK live in poverty, including 4.5 million children. For many of these people, the cost of living is unaffordable; from buying food to paying bills and avoiding debt. Energy price rises, supply chain failures, job insecurity and the pandemic are all factors affecting millions of people. An unexpected illness or job loss can turn a bad situation into a crisis. 

Food banks in the Trussell Trust network provide nutritionally balanced emergency food parcels through over 1300 food bank centres nationwide to individuals and families who can’t afford basic provisions. They offer advice and assistance on navigating the benefits system to maximise people’s income and access other support agencies. In short, the Trussell Trust is a lifeline to millions. By withdrawing cash in a Post Office branch, you have contributed to fighting poverty and hunger.

Thank you.