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Making this winter better for everyone

As the cost of living continues to rise, many families can’t cover essentials like heating and food.

In 2022-23 alone, 760,000 people used a food bank for the first time. And food banks in the Trussell Trust network distributed almost 3 million food parcels. That’s one every 8 seconds.

We want to help. In 2021, Post Office teamed up with the Trussell Trust. And last year, in our second year working together, we raised almost £340,000 for the charity.

Now we want to go even further. We’re aiming to raise over £366,000, for a combined total of over £1 million raised for the Trussell Trust in three years.

Once again, we’re giving 1p from every over-the-counter cash withdrawal to the charity. And we’d love your help. Just make your cash withdrawal over the counter in any of our 11,500 branches using our everyday banking service rather than using a cashpoint.

Donate in branch near you

You can now donate to the Trussell Trust by cash, card or cheque at any Post Office branch.

And, if you’d like to help even more, please share this message with friends and family.

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Withdraw money in branch

We’ve partnered with virtually all major banks to provide everyday banking services in all our branches. So, wherever you are, you can help. Just find your nearest Post Office branch and pick up some cash. It could help with your budgeting, cover bills, pay for services like barbers or be used on shopping to support local businesses.

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Donate to your local food bank

Lots of our branches are in convenience stores, so they’re a great place to donate to your local food bank.

Want to know exactly what your local food bank needs right now? Use the Donation Genie tool to make the most effective donation. Simply enter your postcode to see what your nearest food bank really needs

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Cost of living support

If you’re struggling with the rising cost of living, you may not know where to turn. We’ve gathered the main sources of help together so you can see what support’s available and whether it’s right for your circumstances.

Visit our cost of living hub

Every cash withdrawal makes a difference

We’ll give 1p to The Trussell Trust (charity numbers: 1110522 and SC044246) for every cash withdrawal from 6 November 2023 – 31 March 2024.

Vital support in times of need

The Trussell Trust is a lifeline for people and families who can’t afford the essentials.

Its 1,300-plus UK food banks provide nutritionally balanced, emergency food parcels. And it helps them access the benefits system and support agencies to make their income go further.

The funds we raise will help continue this work. By funding strategic facilities grants, we’ll help the charity’s food banks:

  • Improve their facilities for staff, volunteers and customers

  • Run more effectively and efficiently

  • Enhance the quality and range of their services

  • Create long-term strategies to address the underlying drivers of food bank use