100% Travel Money refund guarantee

We'll refund your holiday currency if your trip abroad is cancelled.

With our refund guarantee you can get the full value of your Post Office Travel Money back within 28 days of purchase.

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About the refund guarantee

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Common questions

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Your travel money sorted
Get great rates and 0% commission on over 60 currencies, our refund guarantee included.
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Are you a holiday money hoarder?


Post Office research shows over 23 million Britons are:

  • Together, we hoard over £3.5 billion worth of foreign currency at home*
  • Over half of us keep hold of unused holiday money rather than change it back**
  • On average holidaymakers each have over £155 worth of leftover travel money*
  • 85% of foreign cash stashed at home is in euros
  • Men stash the most – £188 worth on average, while it’s £117 for women
  • 1 on 5 Britons who travel abroad forget about their leftover holiday money
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Get the full value of your travel money back if your trip’s cancelled with our refund guarantee. 

Or you can sell your leftover currency back to us commission free.


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*Post Office research conducted among 2,082 UK adults online (19-21 February 2021) by Yonder (formerly Populus) found that 42 per cent overall kept hold of leftover holiday currency.  Based on the latest published ONS figures (June 2020) which show an UK adult population of 54.1 million, this means that 22.72 million adults are holding leftover cash.  The research also found the average amount of foreign currency to be £154.70.  The total ‘cash stash’ of £3.5 billion is calculated by multiplying 22.72 million adults by the average of £154.70.


**Post Office research (19-21 February 2021): when asked what they did with leftover cash, 1,728 qualified to answer this question as 18 per cent of the survey sample did not travel abroad and therefore had no foreign currency.  Of the 1,728 who have travelled abroad on holiday, 51 per cent kept hold of their currency.