Google Pay

Get spending with your phone anywhere you see the contactless logo or Google Pay sign.

  • Add your Travel Money Card to Google Pay to use all over the world

  • No need to rummage around for cards again

  • Simply tap your device for contactless payments with no transaction limit*

Let your phone do the spending ​​​​​​

Fast, simple and secure payments everywhere you go: that’s Google Pay.

Once you’re up and running, you only need to wake your screen to make payments with zero limit.


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Download the Google Pay app 

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Follow the in-app instructions to add your card

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You're good to go

Benefits and features

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    Safely and securely pay with your phone or device

    Google Pay creates virtual card details for each card you’ve stored, so your details are never shared

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    Pay in shops and online

    Wherever you are, you can use Google Pay to make quick payments – whether you’re in a store or shopping online

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    Pay more than contactless limits

    Just use your phone’s security check – whether that’s retina scan, fingerprint or another – to make payments above the contactless spending limit

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    Pay on public transport

    Tap your phone on Oyster readers to beep yourself through the gates and get on with your journey hassle-free

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Frequently asked questions