Post Office Card Account

An easy way to receive state pensions, benefits and tax credits without a bank account




Information for existing customers

You may have recently received a letter regarding your account. This is about changes to the terms and conditions of your account. It’s something we are sending to meet changes in banking regulations which start on 13th January 2018. These changes also apply to customers of all UK banks.

We wanted to assure you that you do not need to take any action as a result of this letter unless you want to close your account. It does not affect at all the way you withdraw money from your account or how money is paid in to your account.

I hope this information has not caused you any confusion, but we apologise if it has done so. Just to stress again: the letter is only about technical changes which do not affect at all how you withdraw your money from the Post Office or how it is paid in to your account.

If you do still have concerns, please visit your local Post Office branch.


The Post Office card account is made especially for receiving pensions, benefits and tax credit – perfect if you don’t have a bank account

Key benefits

  • No overdraft and no charges
  • No credit checks
  • Take cash out and check your balance

How it works

To get an account set up, you’ll need to contact the government department that pays your pension, benefits or tax credits. Just let them know you’d like to open a card account with us.

Once we’ve opened your card account, you’ll start receiving payments straight into the account.

You'll be able to take your cash out or check your balance at any Post Office branch.

Don’t worry, there’s no overdraft facility to worry about – and if you need someone else to collect your money for you, we can sort you out with a second card.

For information about pensions, tax credits or benefits being paid into a bank or building society account please visit

Post Office card account is offered by J.P. Morgan Europe Ltd.

For more information about Pensions, benefits or tax credits visit the GOV.UK website

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