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Passport Check & Send

Get your passport application right first time

Post Office Passport Check & Send makes it easy. From form to photos, we’ll make sure your application meets all HM Passport Office requirements. No fuss, no mistakes.

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Enjoy peace of mind for just £9.75

We check you’ve filled in the right boxes. Signed off the right sections. And see that your photos are suitable. Then we’ll then send off your application by special delivery.

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It's quick and easy

  • Pick up a passport application form at your local participating branch
  • Fill it in with a black ballpoint pen
  • Get 2 colour photographs taken
  • Bring it all back into your local branch

Tips for filling in your form

  • Stay within the white boxes and keep your signature within the border.
  • Black out mistakes - no crosses or correction fluid
  • Write in capitals
  • Bring documents, not photocopies
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Hate filling in forms? Go digital

Passport Digital Check & Send is a fast and simple way to renew your adult passport.

Digital Check & Send (renewals only)

  • Apply to renew your existing passport in-branch, in minutes.
  • Available in 725 Post Office branches nationwide.
  • You don’t have to fill in any forms.
  • We capture your photo and then send your passport application using Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed.
  • All for just £15.40.
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Where’s my nearest branch?

Use our branch finder tool to find your nearest participating branch for first-time applications and digital renewals. 


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How does Digital Check & Send work?

What happens when I come in?

Apply to renew your existing passport in-branch, in minutes. Here’s what to expect when you come in.

Our Digital Check & Send service is suitable for straightforward adult passport renewals.  First, we check to see if you’re eligible for the service and are aware of the price. 

We’ll scan your passport and capture your photo. We'll talk you through the questions on screen, and enter all the answers for you. Then we'll send everything to HM Passport Office electronically. And send your old passport to HM Passport Office by Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed the following day. 

What do I need to bring?

Here’s what you need to provide when you come into branch to renew your existing passport with Digital Check & Send.

  • Your existing or old undamaged passport
  • UK mobile number
  • UK address
  • Valid email address
  • Full payment for your application: the passport fee plus the £15.40 Digital Check & Send fee.
What happens next?

You’ll be kept up to date on the progress of your application. And you can track it online.

HM Passport Office will text or email you at each stage of the application process. They’ll tell you when:

  • Your passport renewal application has been received.
  • Your old passport has been received.
  • Your application has been approved.
  • Your new passport is on its way.
  • You can track your application using the tracking link and reference on your Digital Check & Send receipt. Remember to keep it safe.

Find your local branch

How long does it take to get a passport?

It should take 3 weeks to process a renewal application.

For urgent applications, go here.

How much does Digital Passport Check & Send cost?

Digital Check & Send costs £15.40. The fee includes your photo, and delivery to the HM Passport Office.

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Keep your passport safe abroad

Know the techniques thieves and pickpockets use so you can protect your passport.

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More about passports

Get up to speed on all things passport-related.

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How much does a new passport cost?
  Passport fee Passport fee plus Check & Send
Check & Send adds just £9.75 to your passport fee
Adults (aged 16 and over)
Renew or amend an existing adult passport £85 £94.75
First adult passport - if you have previously held a child passport issued in the UK £85 £94.75
First adult passport - if you have never held a child passport issued in the UK £85 £94.75
Replace a lost, stolen or damaged adult passport £85 £94.75
Extend a restricted validity child passport issued on or after 1 May 2008


Jumbo (50-page) passport £95 £104.75
Children (aged under 16)
First child passport (includes those who were previously on a parent's passport) £58.50 £68.25
Renew or amend an existing child passport £58.50 £68.25
Replace a lost, stolen or damaged child passport £58.50 £68.25
Extend a restricted validity child passport issued on or after 1 May 2008 £58.50 £68.25
Adults born on or before 2 September 1929
Standard 32-page ten-year passport Free Free
Jumbo 50-page ten-year passport £95 £104.75


How much does it cost to renew my passport?
  Passport fee Post Office Fee Total
Paper Check & Send £85 £9.75 £94.75
Digital Check & Send £75.50 £15.40 £90.90


Is Digital Check & Send just for passport renewals?

At present, yes. If you’re applying for a UK passport for the first time or don’t meet the eligibility requirements for Digital Check & Send, you’ll need to complete a paper application.

Who can use the Digital Check & Send service?

You’re eligible for a straightforward adult renewal if you meet the requirements below:

  • You need to be 16 or older – or be 16 within the next 3 weeks
  • Your existing or old passport was issued in or after 2002 – it needs to feature a chip
  • You’re a British national and haven’t lost or surrendered your national status
  • You haven’t changed your name, gender or any other personal details since your last passport was issued
  • Haven’t lost or damaged your passport
  • Aren’t travelling in the next 3 weeks
  • Have a significantly different facial appearance from the photo in your old passport – aging aside.
How do I know if my passport is damaged?

HM Passport Office classes a passport as damaged if:

  • You can’t read any of the details
  • The laminate cover has peeled away, or the top of the picture is damaged
  • There’s an ink or chemical spillage on any page
  • Your personal details are discoloured
  • Any of the pages are missing or detached
  • The chip is damaged or showing through the back cover (e-passports only)
  • There’s excess water damage
  • The passport won’t scan
How much does Passport Check & Send service cost?

For new passports, you’ll need to use our Paper Passport Check & Send service, which costs £9.75.

For passport renewals you have the option to use our Paper or Digital Serivce. The paper service costs £9.75 and we’ll check everything in-branch for you. The digital service charges a handling fee of £15.40 for this service. This includes capturing your photo and sending the passport to HM Passport Office by Special Delivery.

Can I do the Passport Digital Check & Send renewal application in Welsh?

HM Passport Office will make digital passport applications available in Welsh in 2020. In the meantime, you can use the paper format.

Can I book my travel before I get my passport?

Passport Check & Send services are not guaranteed. Don’t book your travel until you’ve received your first or new passport.

Can I cancel a Passport Digital Check & Send renewal application?

If you want to cancel your application before despatch of your old passport, Post Office will return the passport and refund the passport fee only. The application will already have been sent to HM Passport Office. You’ll be able to access it using the POD ID reference number on your receipt.

Once your old passport has been returned to HM Passport office, you’ll need to contact them to withdraw it. Unfortunately, Post Office will be unable to offer a refund. Nor will HM Passport Office.

Branch Accessibility

Our standard renewal booth is 0.694 metres wide, while our larger booths are 1.193 metres wide. If you use a wheelchair, please make sure that you’ll have enough room to enter the booth and rotate the chair by 90 degrees to face the camera.

Branches with wider access listed here

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