Bad news on the phone

When to ask for help with money problems

  • Warning signs
  • Help and support

Warning signs - know when to ask for help

  • You are worrying about money and paying back what you owe – your debts are becoming a real burden
  • You fear that you can't make your loan, mortgage, credit card or other debt payments 
  • You may be dealing with a difficult situation which is making it hard to manage your money
  • You are regularly spending more than you earn
  • You can't make your mortgage or rent payments and can’t make existing loan or credit card payments
  • You can’t meet your day to day living expenses without relying on your credit card
  • You are struggling to meet the minimum payments on your loans or credit cards
  • You are increasingly hitting your agreed overdraft limit and can’t clear your overdraft
  • You are regularly going overdrawn without an agreement and incurring charges
  • You are being chased for bill and debt payments and paying charges due to late or missed payments

Doing nothing could make things worse

Never ignore missed repayments, they will not go away. You could end up paying more in interest and charges and missed payments could affect your credit rating and make it more difficult to get credit in future.

Where else can I get help and support?

Money Advice Service: free impartial advice on managing your money 

Step Change: free tailored advice and practical solutions

Citizens Advice: general independent and free advice

National free independent and confidential debt advice

Christians Against Poverty: free debt counselling in your community

Money Advice Scotland: independent, impartial and confidential debt advice and financial inclusion

Debt Action Northern Ireland: free independent, impartial and confidential debt and money advice across Northern Ireland