Which tribe are you?

Redefining midlife and beyond

Which tribe are you?

Nearly 7 in 10 people over 50 say the traditional concept of retirement no longer exists. We recognise that those in midlife and beyond have many different dreams, aspirations and challenges for their next step in life’s adventure. Take our quiz to find out which of our six emerging midlife tribes matches most closely to you.


Meet the midlife tribes

Family Builders

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These are family focused folks who love the comforts of home and relaxing with their friends and family. Even when on holiday they tend to revisit places they’ve enjoyed previously. 88% of Family Builders are married or in a long-term relationship and many have spent long periods in the same career. Two thirds of them are now retired, so they can spend more time with the people who matter to them.

Tribal challenge:

Family Builders are the most likely of any group to have adult children, with one in four hoping to support their kids financially. But helping with something substantial like a deposit for a home could tie up a third of their savings. If you’re considering gifting money to family members, we have created a ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ conversation guide to support parents and children navigate this.


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They are focused on developing their career or becoming their own boss by setting up a new business. Financial security is the biggest driver for this tribe, with 42% of them saying that improving their income was the reason they were focusing on their work life. Elderpreneurs want to make sure they provide the best for themselves and their loved ones and are looking forward to seeing their hard work pay off!

Tribal challenge:

Setting up a business means more than hard work. Elderpreneurs may need to invest time and money in their new venture. So, while they might be one of the most positive tribes when it comes to their financial outlook, this may pose an element of risk to their long-term financial stability.

Fitness Finders

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They are focused on their health and have usually discovered their love of exercise in their 50s or over. They work out more than 4 hours a week, most often in the gym or at the pool. They may have made lifestyle changes too, like quitting smoking or cutting down on alcohol. And 67% of them say their new interest is an important part of their social life.

Tribal challenge:

Fitness Finders are the least likely of all the midlife tribes to have savings (15%). Setting a savings goal alongside a well-considered plan to achieve it is one of the best ways for them to realise financial ambitions and secure their financial well-being for the future.

New Horizonians

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This tribe love trying something new. Travel’s a big part of their lifestyle – on average, they go on holiday more than three times a year. Also, more than half of New Horizonians have taken a course or qualification since they turned 50. And they’re not just active online or on social media apps, 11% have taken up computing and coding too.

Tribal challenge:

This midlife tribe has invested time and money in new experiences that can have a large price tag. This might be why one in four of them think their finances will take a hit in the next 12 months – the highest of any midlife tribe.

Community Champions

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They tend to work in their local community or spend time volunteering for charities. They love to find a cause that can connect them with new friends. But you won’t just find them volunteering – they’re often flying the flag for a good cause online too. In fact, Community Champions are nearly twice as likely as other tribes to see technology as a way to connect to and support their community.

Tribal challenge:

Community Champions are the most financially stable midlife tribe now they’re over 50. Their challenges may stem from a need to make their money work more efficiently for them and be easily accessible when they need it.

New Lease on Lovers

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This midlife tribe are looking for a potential soulmate. They love eating out – spending time wining and dining with new friends and potential partners. As well as looking for love, this midlife tribe isn’t afraid to make new social connections online either and while 21% have met a romantic partner online, even more have made international friends.

Tribal challenge:

Despite being hopeful about their romantic life, New Lease on Lovers can feel the pressure from a lack of emotional or financial support. This midlife tribe’s the most likely to feel the squeeze of sole financial responsibility for elderly parents or children, which could present challenges in the future.


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