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City Affordability Search

Are you looking to buy your first home but don’t know where to begin? Use our City Affordability Search tool to find out the most affordable areas to buy across the UK.

It’s a fantastic feeling finally getting your foot on the property ladder, but first-time buyers tell us that getting there can often be an overwhelming experience. Understanding where you can afford to buy, how to make a good investment, and ultimately how to make your dream home a reality can be an emotional roller-coaster ride. And so, we’ve taken a closer look at the 14 biggest cities across the UK to identify the most affordable postcodes for the average first-time buyer.

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Hoping to find a hidden gem?

In partnership with Proportunity, an innovative technology start-up that builds real estate forecasts through the use of artificial intelligence, we’ve created a simple step by step guide that first-time buyers can use to help identify the potential property hot-spots of tomorrow.

city affordability

city affordability

Our City Affordability Search Tool covers the following Cities: Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Southampton and Sheffield.