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UK Signed services

Know your important item’s arrived safely. UK Signed services give you peace of mind from just £2.08.

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Royal Mail Signed For®


Relax – we’ll get a signature from the recipient when your item’s delivered. Great if you’re sending a gift or selling goods online.​


  • Available with Royal Mail 1st and 2nd Class services
  • Signature on delivery
  • Online delivery confirmation
  • Includes up to £50 compensation
  • A recognised, eligible service for the eBay Seller Protection programme
  • Prices start at £2.08 for letters up to 100g

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Signed For 1st and 2nd Class prices


You’ll find the prices to send different letter and parcel sizes using Signed For 1st and 2nd Class in the table below.

Or you can find a postage price to send your item using this service. ​



1st Class

2nd Class


Weight up to and including 




24cm long

16.5cm wide

0.5cm thick

100g £2.35 £2.08

Large Letter

35.3cm long

25cm wide

2.5cm thick


100g £2.85 £2.45
250g £3.45 £3.05
500g £4.05 £3.55
750g £4.70 £4.10

Small Parcel

45cm long

35cm wide

16cm thick

2kg £5.55 £4.45

Medium Parcel

61cm long

46cm wide

46cm thick

2kg £8.05 £6.45
10kg £9.05 £8.05
20kg £14.05 £11.55

Includes compensation up to

£50.00 £50.00


Prices are exempt from VAT.​ ​


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