Send large parcels overseas

The value-for-money service for heavier items you need to send abroad

International Economy

Ideal for heavier parcels that don’t need to arrive in a hurry

Why use International Economy?

  • Available worldwide for large letters and parcels
  • Delivery to areas such as Western Europe in up to two weeks
  • £20 compensation included as standard

How much will International Economy cost?

Take a look at the table below to get an idea on prices. 

Format Max weight Price


24cm long
16.5cm wide
0.5cm thick

Letters can only be sent by International Economy outside of Europe.

20g £1.26
100g £1.58

Large Letter

35.3cm long
25cm wide

2.5cm thick
100g £2.92
250g £4.19
500g £4.82
750g £5.78

Parcels, Tubes and Printed Papers

The maximum combined parcel length, width and thickness is 90cm with the longest side no greater than 60cm

The maximum length for tubes is 90cm, and length added to double the diameter should be no more than 104cm


Maximum weight for printed papers is 2kg to Canada and Cambodia

Only books up to 5kg can be sent to the Republic of Ireland

100g £4.57
250g £4.89
500g £7.04
750g £8.22
1kg £9.51
1.25kg £10.53
1.5kg £11.66
1.75kg £12.52
2kg £12.95
Printed papers:
Every additional 250g or part
thereof up to 5kg add

Parcelforce globaleconomy

An affordable, reliable way to send heavy parcels internationally.

Why use globaleconomy?

  • International postage from £24.70
  • Delivery from 28 working days worldwide
  • Send up to 30kg to most destinations
  • No refund for delay, loss or damage to your parcel

Things to keep in mind

  • No tracking facility is available for these services
  • Maximum parcel sizes vary by destination
  • Only single items can be sent
  • Not available to European destinations

You can also track your items with our international guaranteed express services using globalexpress or globalpriority.

Do I need a customs form?

Yes, if you’re sending a parcel outside the EU. Some services also require additional documentation for international destinations. You can get all the customs forms you need in-branch. Find one near you with our Branch Finder. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Packages worth up to £270: Make sure you include a completed and signed CN22 label. Put it on the front of the item, as near as possible to the top left-hand corner – just don’t cover up the address.
  • Packages worth over £270: Include the top part of the CN22 and a CN23 form in a plastic wallet (SP126)
  • The sender is legally responsible: Under Customs Law, the sender is legally responsible for the information on the declaration. So, it’s in your own interest to make sure you complete it accurately and in full. Got questions? Just ask a member of staff in branch.
  • You’ll need to sign to confirm that the item you’re sending doesn’t contain anything restricted by postal regulations
  • For Parcelforce Worldwide gobaleconomy you'll need to fill in an International Despatch Pack (CP72) for all international destinations. You can get this and all other customs forms you need in-branch.

For more information on customs, visit our customs requirements page.

Prohibited and restricted goods

There are some goods that can’t be sent in the post, and there are others which can be sent but with clear restrictions.

Some countries overseas have their own rules on what they will and will not allow to be sent by post, therefore it's important to check that the item you are sending is allowed in the destination country otherwise compensation will not be paid out in the event of loss or damage.

Some overseas countries have their own rules on what they will and will not allow to be sent by post.

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