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HM Forces mail

Find out the best way to send mail to friends and loved ones in HM Forces with the British Forces Post Office.​

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The British Forces Post Office® (BFPO) offers a way to send mail to individuals serving in the HM Forces abroad and entitled civilian personnel with Royal Mail services.​

Please ask at the counter in your local Post Office branch for prices and further details.


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What can you send?​

  • Letters and large letters​
  • Parcels weight up to 20kg ​
  • Parcels not exceeding length 61cm, width 46cm and depth 46cm


How to prepare your BFPO parcel or letter​

  • Include the recipient’s name, number and rank​
  • Include the sub-unit, unit and BFPO number​
  • If it’s for a member of their family, send the parcel c/o the Forces member​
  • Don’t write the destination country on the BFPO address​
  • Seal the edges of large letters and packages with adhesive tape​
  • Don’t use an AIR MAIL sticker​
  • Full details on what you can send, and how parcels and letters should be packaged can be found at the GOV.UK website.​


​Guide to customs​

​All parcels to BFPO destinations must have a signed customs declaration attached to the outside of the parcel.​

HM Revenue and Customs pays close attention to all HM Forces post arriving in or leaving the UK. It’s important to fill out and sign the declaration on Customs label CN22 or CN23. Parcels require a PFU 509/CP 72. Local customs authorities at overseas bases also have the right to examine mail addressed to HM Forces. They may make charges under local regulations. For more about this, ask at your local Post Office branch.​



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