ASOS returns

Bought something from ASOS and need to use ASOS returns? Easy. Just leave it with us.

ASOS Returns

Love ASOS? Come on, who doesn’t? Hundreds of the freshest brands, seriously amazing exclusives, collaborations with some of the world’s biggest names, and a range of sizes to suit absolutely everyone.

The trouble is, the course of true love doesn’t always run smooth. And who hasn’t, at one time or other, breathlessly opened a package to suddenly think, oh no, this isn’t right! We’re not meant for each other!

It’s sad but it’s true. And at times like this, there’s only one thing for it.

It’s ASOS returns time.

It’s now easier than ever to return your ASOS items. All you have to do is drop it off at your local Post Office. In most cases, there’ll be a returns slip in the package. Fill it out, attach it, and pop off down to your nearest branch. That’s it. You don’t even have to print a return label at home. If you prefer, you can just pop into your local branch and we’ll scan the QR code straight from your phone.

Making an ASOS return with us

  • Repack your item(s)

  • Use the pre-paid label on the returns note in your parcel

  • Bring your package with label attached to your local Post Office - and we’ll do the rest.


ASOS will send you an email as soon as they’ve completed your return. Should you have any more questions, just head to the Help section at the bottom of the ASOS homepage.

If you need any more information about Post Office returns, ASOS returns, or want to know where your nearest branch is, take a look here.

Do you send a lot of parcels?

If you regularly send lots of parcels, why not take advantage of our Drop & Go service? Gone will be the days of queuing, weighing or printing. Simply leave your items at our fast-track counter and we’ll process them the same day. To find out more, head over to our Drop & Go page.

Questions about your ASOS returns

Is it free to return my ASOS stuff?

Yes it is. Just use the pre-paid label on the returns note in your parcel or create your own QR code. Then bring your returns package and label or QR code to the Post Office and we’ll do the rest. It won’t cost you a penny.

I don’t have the original packing. What do I do?

You just need to use something that is sealable, waterproof and can’t be seen through and then bring it to your local Post Office with the returns label attached.

How long do I have to return my items?

You have up to 45 days to return your stuff to ASOS. However, you’ll need to return your order within 28 days of receiving it to get a full refund to your original payment method. If you return your order within 29 to 45 days of receiving it, you’ll be given a gift voucher instead.

What if I have more questions about returning my parcels?

Just pop into your local branch and chat with us. We’ll be more than happy to help.

So remember, whenever you’ve got a return, just drop into your branch and drop off your package. Happy shopping!