Post Office PASS card

The new proof of age for everyone in the UK

  • Only £15

  • No existing ID required to apply

  • Home Office approved and accepted throughout UK

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Affordable proof of age accepted UK-wide

Driving licences and passports can be expensive. If you do have one, you don’t want to risk losing it. And not everyone needs or is eligible for one.

The new Post Office PASS card, issued by CitizenCard, is an affordable alternative way to prove your age. It’s just £15 and accepted as an official form of ID throughout the UK.

Use your Post Office PASS card to prove you’re under 16 or over 16, 17 or 18.

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What can you do with Post Office Pass Card?

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  • Prove your age at UK retailers
  • Prove your age in pubs, restaurants and other licensed establishments
  • Prove your age at cinemas and nightclubs
  • Fly within the UK and Ireland
  • Get discounted fares according to your age
  • Create a Post Office EasyID on your smartphone to prove your age online and in person

You can apply for a Post Office PASS card online

To apply, you'll need to provide:


A recent photo of yourself and


A referee who can vouch for your identity


Or some photo ID

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A standard application

Costs £15 and normally takes no more than 3 weeks

An urgent application

Costs £30 and should take no more than 2 working days

Create your EasyID

With the Post Office EasyID app you can use your Post Office PASS card to prove your age online.


Add a phone number and create a 5 digital PIN to secure your account.

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Take a scan of your face so EasyID can verify you and protect your account

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Go to ID documents and scan the front of your Post Office PASS card to add it to your account.