Identity Services for business

Post Office has partnered with identity experts Yoti to give people a safe and convenient way to prove who they are - online and in person.

  • digital-id

    Identity verification

    Our service’s robust anti-spoofing and verification technology ensures genuine customers – and no-one else – can breeze through your checks. We verify them and their ID documents to the highest security standards – online or in person.

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  • eSignatures


    Get documents signed faster with simple, flexible, eSigning solutions to suit your business. Even pair them with ID verification or pre-verified digital ID details at the point of signing.

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  • age-verification

    Age verification

    Check each customer’s age with confidence. We combine robust liveness and anti-spoofing technology with ID document authenticity checks for fraud-proof age verification. And our AI technology even estimates their age accurately with no need for ID documents at all.

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  • authentication


    Protect your business with secure access to your services. With real-time, multi-factor authentication and high-level biometric face matching, only the right users gain access.

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From basic document certification to creating a digital identity, Post Office can help your new recruits get to work, fast. And onboard new customers with minimum of fuss.