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Need a DBS check?

We’ll help you complete the process whether you need a basic, standard or enhanced criminal records check.

Standard and Enhanced DBS checks

You may need a standard or enhanced DBS check if your employer needs a level of assurance, you’re suitable for a certain job. This might include jobs like accountants, legal assistants, those working with children or vulnerable adults.

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Start the process

You’ll get a letter or email from DBS or one of our partner organisation (including CQC).

You will be asked to provide original documents as part of the process.

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Visit a Post Office

Bring original documents, copies and your application form to a Post Office branch.

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Get copies certified

We’ll confirm that your documents are authentic and that they belong to you.


If your documents include photographic evidence (e.g. a passport or driving licence), we’ll even be able to confirm your identity.

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Submit application

You then send your completed application form and certified copies back to the DBS or partner organisation.

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Find your nearest branch

Use our branch finder tool to find where you can apply for a standard or enhanced DBS check.

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