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Reasons to give a One4all Gift Card

Want to give the gift of choice to your family and friends?

One4all Gift Cards are accepted by over 170 high street stores and restaurants and online too.

one4all card displaying the many brands you can use it on

The gift of choice

There are plenty of occasions throughout the year that leave you scratching your head for present ideas. Birthdays, Christmas, baby showers. Colleagues leaving your team, house-warming celebrations, weddings, graduations. There are anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The list is endless.

Maybe there’s someone in your life who’s notoriously difficult to buy for. Maybe you’ve bought someone everything they want in years past and you’re struggling for inspiration. Maybe you just don’t have time to spend hours trawling the high street. Or you may just want to put a smile on someone’s face.

Well, there’s good news. Gift cards are no longer the lazy way to give a thoughtful gift. They’re some of the most versatile presents. In case you need convincing, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 reasons to gift a One4all Gift Card.

Give a gift that’s unique to everyone. One gift, thousands of choices

Benefits of One4all gift cards

  1. It can be spent in loads of retail outlets nationwide 

    What do you get that friend who already has it all? Every time you see them, they’ve read that book, or got that gadget, or taken that trip. Or that friend who just won’t tell you what they want, no matter how (or how often) you badger them. Of course, it’s lovely to put time and thought into a unique gift, but you can guarantee success another way: give them a gift of choice. The One4all Gift Card is a multi-store gift card accepted in over 170 high street stores and restaurants nationwide, and online with participating retailers.

  2. It’s flexible to your budget 

    There’s another great upside to the One4all Gift Card. You can load the gift card with any amount between £10 and £120 making it an option for gifting, no matter the occasion. So if your recipient wants to buy themselves something small, or put the gift card towards a bigger present, they’ve got the flexibility to do so. It’s a great way to let them get whatever they want.

  3. The recipient can choose to buy an experience 

    The One4all Gift Card, available in a range of designs, allows you to buy someone an experience to get the blood pumping. With a raft of options available, the active, adventure-loving person in your life will be spoilt for choice.

    Choose from thrilling activities like a UK bungee jump, indoor skydiving experience iFly, Segway driving, Top Golf, taking a fast car out on a track and Virgin Experience Days, which can include any number of options.

  4. Or they can put it towards a nice meal out with loved ones 

    Experiences like skydiving are great for the adrenalin junkies of the world. But what about experiences that are a bit more down to earth? Nothing beats a great meal with the people you love, and there’s a gift card designed for just that. 

    The new One4all Restaurant Favourites Gift Card can be put towards a meal at well-loved restaurants around the country. So whatever their foodie needs, you’ve got them covered. And who knows; maybe they’ll even take you along for a dinner on them (or you, if we’re being technical). 

  5. And finally, it’s perfect for gifting from afar 

    We can’t always see loved ones on their days of celebration, whether it’s because we haven’t the time or we’re separated by distance. Let them know you’re thinking of them with a One4all Gift Card.

    Order online and tell them you miss them with personalised messaging. If you want to make your gift even more personal, choose a One4all Digital Gift Card and personalise the design with a little video message for them to watch on their special occasion, or treasured photo. And it's cheaper to post than a parcel.

Remember, you can pick up any of our One4all Gift Cards in any branch or online. Slot buying them into your daily activities, whether that’s from the comfort of your front room or while you’re running your errands around town. 

Key takeaways

  1. One4all Gift Cards can be spent in loads of retail outlets nationwide
  2. They’re flexible to your budget
  3. The recipient can choose to buy shopping or an experience
  4. Or they can put it towards a nice meal out with loved ones
  5. And finally, it’s perfect for gifting from afar

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