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Check available services by bank

Your bank in your local Post Office

Almost everyone with a UK bank account can do all this at any Post Office branch, whenever it’s open.

Pay in cash and cheques

Make deposits with your card and PIN for some banks, or a paying-in a slip, plus an envelope for cheques. What’s needed varies by bank.

Withdraw money

Take out cash from your account at your local Post Office. All you need is your bank card and PIN.

Check your balance

Need to know how much is in your account but don’t have a bank or ATM nearby? For most banks you can check with us.

Find a local branch

We've 11,500 Post Office branches in communities across the UK. Let's find those nearest to you.

Need some help?

Everyday banking help and support

Find answers to common questions about our in-branch banking services: Visit our banking support page

For questions about the services your bank offers at Post Office, please contact your bank directly