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  1. By setting up auto top-up, you establish a continuous payment authority (“CPA”) that authorises Post Office Ltd to debit your payment card for the purpose of topping up your Drop & Go account, by the amount you have entered in the setup panel, when your Drop & Go balance falls below the amount you have entered in the setup panel
  2. Your CPA is immediately effective, once you press ‘Confirm’ in the setup panel, and remains in force, until cancelled

Monitoring use

  1. Successful payments will appear on your payment card statement as ‘WWW.POSTOFFICE.CO.UK ONLINEPAYMENT’. They are also shown in your online Drop & Go Account History, as ‘Auto Top-up’ 
  2. We will retain records of the current and historic CPAs, as well as payments taken, to support the resolution of auto top-up queries 
  3. We will display the status of your auto top-up CPA on the online ‘Top up my Drop & Go account’ page, where a link to your historic CPAs is also available 
  4. We will send an email to the email address given in the online ‘My Drop & Go Registration’ panel when: 
  • We take, or have attempted to take, payment using your CPA
  • We change the Auto Top-Up Terms and Conditions
  • Your CPA is cancelled 

Change and cancellation

  1. Using the setup panel, you can, at any time, change the parameters of your CPA, as well as the payment card to be used. Any such change will cancel the previous CPA and create a new one 
  2. You can cancel your CPA at any time, using the link provided in the setup panel. You also have the right to cancel directly with your card issuer 
  3. We may cancel your CPA at any time, for any reason, including when:
  • We attempt to take payment, but the payment is declined, for whatever reason
  • We detect that your payment card has expired
  • Your CPA has not been used for six months or more 4. You request the closure of your Drop & Go account, online or in branch 
  1. We may suspend, withdraw or amend the auto top-up feature at any time, and we will try to provide prior notification to you of such an event 
  2. We may change these Auto Top-Up Terms and Conditions and, if we do so, will inform you by email. If you do not agree to such changes by the date set in that email, we will cancel your live CPA
  3. Please address any queries regarding Drop & Go account top-ups, manual or automatic, to, providing your full Drop & Go account number, telephone and email details, and any relevant evidence – but not the full payment card number 
  4. Drop & Go is a service provided by Post Office Limited. Post Office Limited is registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 2154540. Registered Office: 100 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7ER

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