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Drop & Go for regular senders

Sending items often? Save time and keep easy track of what you send with our bulk mail drop-off service. It’s free to sign up.

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Make sending a whole lot easier


Drop off your mail in bulk

Send regularly with no need to queue. Bring UK or international items straight to our fast-drop counter and away you go


Keep track of everything easily

Log into your online account to top up your balance, track items you’ve sent, view receipts and proof of postage and more


It's fast. Really fast

There’s no waiting, weighing, printing or scanning. We’ll process your items the same day and charge them to your online account


No subscription or hidden fees

Sign-up’s free and you only pay for the services used to post items. If you like, you can set your account balance to auto top-up if it gets low

How it works

Take the hassle out of sending lots of mail. With Drop & Go, you can:


Pack everything up at home. Fill in a manifest to tell is what you’re sending by which service and top up your account online.


Find a local Drop & Go branch (it’s available at most of them) and bring your parcels and manifest in. Then just drop them and go.


We’ll process your items the same day and charge them to your account. Check and manage your account online any time.

Drop off when it suits you

At lunch, on your commute or whenever you’re passing, drop off items any time your branch is open. Many open early mornings, late evenings and some on Sundays.


Ask your local postmaster and branch team about times that suit your schedule. They’ll process items the same day and, if you beat the last collection time, send that day too.


Want to know more about how Drop & Go works? Here’s how handy and professional one of our many regular senders finds the service.


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Big events like weddings and other celebrations can be time consuming enough to organise without postage slowing you down. Drop & Go makes sending and keeping track the invitations quick and effortless.

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If you regularly send the same items to different addresses, such as charity mailers, our online tools make it simple. Create them once and copy into any manifests that need them any time, adding the new addresses.

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Enjoyed shopping for Christmas or other seasonal gifts but not looking forward to sending them? Pack them in comfort at home. Then just pop in and leave them with us to process. No waiting while we do.

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Drop & Go is fast and easy.

Sign up for free and start using it right away.

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