How to get started sending with
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New to Drop & Go and need help to start sending items with it? Or yet to sign up and want to get an idea of how it works before you do? This guide covers how to make sending simple with our free fast-drop mails service. ​ ​


What is Drop & Go?​


It’s a way to save time if you send lots of parcels and other items of mail regularly. It’s completely free to use. And it’s ideal for marketplace sellers and all kinds of small businesses.​ ​


Drop & Go is also really easy to use. You prepare the items you’d like to send before you visit a branch, then drop them at our fast-drop counter. We process them the same day and charge your account. There’s no queuing, printing, weighing or paying while there. ​ ​


Register your account online and you can manage every aspect of it, from keeping your balance topped up to telling us what to send how, and even tracking your parcels in the post.


Drop & Go: a step-by-step guide​


​If you’ve never used Drop & Go, here are the steps to get set up and using it for the first time. ​ ​

1. Start by getting a free account. You can sign up online or in branch


2. If you sign up in branch, you should next register to manage your account online​ ​


3. Once you have your account you can start using it right away ​ ​


4. Top up your account balance so you’re ready to start sending items any time ​ ​


5. Carefully pack and label your first batch of items to post before you visit ​ ​


6. Complete a Drop & Go manifest to tell us which mails service to use for each item​ ​


7. Find your nearest Post Office Drop & Go branch with our branch finder ​ ​


8. Drop your items at out fast-drop counter and go; we’ll process them the same day ​ ​


9. Check what we’ve charged to send them, and track your items and spending, in your online account ​ ​


Then just repeat steps 4-9 any time you have several items to send.


What happens after I sign up?


Whether you sign up to Drop & Go in branch or online, you’ll be issued with an eight-digit account number and receive an email confirming all the details. Please keep your account number safe as you’ll need it to post items and access and manage your account.​


​If you sign up in branch, an online account will automatically be created to record all items you send and what you spend on them. It’s important to register your branch account online using your account number. This will link your account card so you can access your current balance, account history and all the other Drop & Go features available online. ​


What can I do on the online account?


You can use your Drop & Go account to check and top up your balance, and even set up automatic top-ups so your funds for sending items never run out. You can look back on your account history, track what you’ve spent and any items you’ve sent using a tracked service.


You can also complete a Drop & Go manifest (list of items you’re sending) within your online account, too, rather than printing and handwriting it. Just list each item and choose the service you’d like it sent by. When you’re done, print and bring it into branch with your parcels, leave them with us... and that’s it.


Ready to Drop & Go?


These other guides will help you prepare to send letters and parcels with Drop & Go.​ ​


1. Check if any items are prohibited or restricted before packing them to send ​ ​


2. Pack your parcels with enough protection to make sure they arrive safely ​ ​


3. Choose the right postage service for each item you’re sending ​ ​


4. Log into your online Drop & Go account to top up your balance ​ ​


5. Prepare a manifest of items you’re sending and bring a printout of it into branch with your items


Top tips for regular senders

  • If you’re selling online, give customers a choice of different postage services
  • Choose a tracked or signed-for service when you need to know an item’s arrived safely
  • Send with Special Delivery or another express service if they must arrive quickly or are worth over £50
  • On your first drop off, say hello to the branch team and postmaster. They’ll show you where to leave your items. And some branches offer extra help for Drop & Go users

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