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Travel Credit Card

Travelling is great – but one thing’s for sure: it’s not cheap. That’s why we offer a credit card specifically designed for those with itchy feet which can save you money when you spend with your card abroad.

Capital One is the exclusive lender and issuer of all new Post Office Credit Cards, for which Post Office acts as credit broker.

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Benefits of our Travel Credit Card

  • No foreign exchange fees when you spend abroad*
  • Spread the cost of a one-off purchase, such as your flights
  • The APR you are approved for is the APR you will get

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Travel Credit Card features

  • 19.9% to 24.9% (variable) range of APR depending on individual circumstances
  • No foreign exchange fees when you spend abroad*
  • Credit limit of up to £6,000
  • 24.9% APR representative variable
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Not right for you? Try our Classic Credit Card

If you don’t travel so much, then our Classic Card might suit you better. Find out more here.

Already have a Post Office Credit Card?

If you've got one of our cards, you can log into your online portal and perform loads of tasks, like checking your balance, credit limit, recent transactions and more.

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Travel Credit Card FAQs

What is a travel credit card?

A travel credit card behaves like a normal credit card, but with a few perks that are geared towards cutting down travel expenses. For instance, if you buy a €4 coffee in France on your debit card, many banks will charge you a usage fee as well as a percentage transaction fee meaning that you’re spending a lot more than just the price of your hot beverage.

Travel cards, like the Post Office Travel Credit Card, are often designed to remove these overseas purchase fees. But that’s not all: your credit limit could allow you to make one-off purchases that could be too expensive to fit into your normal monthly budget – like flights.

How do travel credit cards work?

Like any credit card, you’ll be given a credit agreement when you’re accepted for a travel credit card. This will go into all the important details such as what your credit limit is, the APR you’ll be paying, how your monthly minimum repayments are calculated and everything you need to know. However, unlike most standard credit and debits cards, with the Travel Card you will not be charged a non Sterling transaction fee when you spend abroad.

Is the Travel Card right for me?

If you’re the type of person that likes to pack your bags and hit the open road every so often, then you could save yourself money by using a Travel Credit Card. 

And once you’re abroad, we won’t charge transaction fees for purchases. So you needn’t hesitate about using your card for those things that make a holiday special – from a glass of wine in Bordeaux to a bucket and spade in Spain.

What if I have problems using QuickCheck?

Should you encounter any issues or problems when using QuickCheck, please call the Customer Contact Response Department on 0344 481 0902.

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Are you eligible for a Post Office Credit Card?


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*We don’t charge a non-Sterling transaction fee when you spend abroad. Cash withdrawal fees will apply.