When you sign up to a Post Office Broadband or Phone package on a fixed commitment period, you’ll automatically be sent a reminder notification before the end of your contract by letter or email. This notification allows you to review how much you will pay for your service if you continue on your current package, and the best deals available to you.

If you are out of contract and not subject to a fixed commitment period, you will start receiving annual reminder notifications each year with information about your current package and the best deals available to you.

Our renewal process

  • You'll receive an “End of contract notification” communication around 30 days' before your contract end date.

  • Review your options - you can either do nothing, renew or choose to leave us.

  • If you choose to renew, we'll start your new contract as quickly as we can.

  • The quickest way to get all the information you need to renew is to log into your My Account. Alternatively, contact us on 0345 600 3210 and speak with one of our Customer Services team.


What happens when my contract ends?
Your service continues as normal, however you’ll automatically move on to the standard price for your selected Broadband, Fibre or Phone package when your current offer comes to an end.

When does my contract end?
Your contract end date will be provided in the communication you receive from us along with details of the standard price of your package and pricing of other offers that are available to you.

Existing customers

Broadband and HomePhone Support

8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday

9am to 6pm, Sunday

0345 600 3210

0345 600 3210