Travellers Cheques FAQs

Answers to some of your most common questions

Do I have to show my passport to cash my Travellers Cheques?

Although it is not American Express policy to ask for identification when cashing Travellers Cheques, it is a good idea to take your passport with you anyway. Many countries have their own regulations which do require you to provide identification to encash or purchase goods with Travellers Cheques. In some countries you may also be required to present the original purchase agreement. It also helps to have identification with you in case there is a query with your signature.

Can I use my Travellers Cheques in shops or hotels?

Yes. There are thousands of shops, hotels and restaurants around the world that accept American Express Travellers Cheques. You can also change them into local currency at banks and exchange offices.
Please sign your Travellers Cheques in the upper left-hand corner before you leave the Post Office; if the Travellers Cheques are lost/stolen and not signed, a refund is not guaranteed. Make sure you keep a note of your serial numbers and keep them safe - stored in a place separate from your Travellers Cheques.
Find out where you can use American Express® Travellers Cheques on your trip.

Will I get any change if I don’t use the whole amount of my Travellers Cheque?

Yes. American Express Travellers Cheques are just like cash, so if you don’t use the full face value of the cheque, the change is returned as cash in the local currency.

Will I be charged a fee when I cash my Travellers Cheques?

When exchanging Travellers Cheques, commission charges may apply and can vary by exchange location. Each institution independently sets its own exchange policies and fees and the information may change at any time.
Find out where you can use American Express® Travellers Cheques on your trip.