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Black Friday Travel Money Bonanza

Special Black Friday rates on US Dollars from 8am Friday until 8am Tuesday 1st December. Buy now.

Online rates also available in branch on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th November. Find your nearest branch.

America’s got everything. Family fun in Florida, grown-up entertainment in Las Vegas, golden beaches and Hollywood glamour in California and the bright lights and shopping of New York. With the pound growing stronger against the dollar, these American dreams are tantalisingly more affordable for us Brits.

Get our best rates online. The more you buy the better the rate.

You can sell us back any spare currency you bring home too.

Two ways to pack your US Dollars

Travel Cash Travel Money Card Plus
  • Simple way to take foreign currency with you 
  • We’ll buy back any cash you don’t spend
  • Buy £400 - £2500 online
  • Pre-load the card with your holiday money

  • Re-load the card again - whenever you go away

  • Accepted worldwide - wherever Mastercard® is accepted

  • Secure - can be cancelled if lost or stolen

  • Top up anytime with our mobile app

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Tips for getting more dollars for your pound

If you’re travelling to America, pre-order your dollars before you get to the airport to save money by getting a better dollar exchange rate with less commission.

  • Dollar bills come in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100-dollar denominations. There is also a 2-dollar bill but it is fairly rare.
  • You'll usually only see 1, 5, 10 and 25-cent US coins, but there are also 50-cent and 1-dollar coins.
  • When you order your currency ask for lower-denomination dollar bills that are more widely accepted in taxis and smaller shops. $50 or $100 bills won't always be accepted, so when you exchange pounds to US dollars ask for smaller bills, like $20s and $10s. Tipping is widespread, so make sure you take plenty of $1 bills for taxis, hotels and bars.

Get your US Dollars from us

We make it easy to get US Dollars for your holiday:

  • Order US Dollars online up to five working days in advance
  • Pick up your US Dollars at a Post Office branch or have them delivered to your home – minimum order value of £400 applies online.
  • Online orders placed before 3pm, on a working day, can generally be delivered to your home the next working day. Where an order is placed on a Friday and delivery to your home is required on a Saturday, there will be a charge of £1.50.
  • Home delivery applies to online orders only.
  • Pick up your US Dollars 'on demand' at over 10,000 Post Office branches
  • Show us your Post Office Money receipt and we’ll buy back all your leftover euro banknotes, commission-free.

The smart way to travel

Keep track of your holiday spending and instantly convert local prices into pounds with our free smartphone apps. There are three handy apps to download for iOS and Android, including Travel Essentials, Travel Money Card Plus & Currency Converter. You can also download an instant currency converter for your Apple Watch.

Don’t forget your toothbrush

There’s always so much to do before you head off. You’ve just ticked Travel Money, but what have you forgotten? Here’s a pre-travel checklist to help jog your memory.

Get hold of your holiday money fast. Pick it up from the currency counter at your nearest Post Office. No commission, no waiting in line.

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