Travellers Cheques

Available in six different currencies, you can order your American Express Travellers Cheques online and have them delivered to your door or collect them at any branch.

Key benefits

  • Completely safe: if they get lost or stolen we’ll replace them within 24 hours
  • Easy to use: sign when you get them, sign again when you want to use them
  • Convenient: accepted at thousands of locations, including hotels, shops and restaurants

How to use your Travellers Cheques

Convenient and simple to use, American Express Travellers Cheques never expire which means you can use any leftover cheques on your next trip.

Sign your cheques as soon as you get them. You won’t be covered if they get lost or stolen if you haven’t signed them.

Keep a note of the serial numbers, you’ll find them on the top right-hand corner of the cheques. Again, you’ll need these if your cheques get lost or stolen. We recommend you keep this information separate from your cheques and don’t forget to take it with you when you travel.

When you want to use them, sign your cheques again in the bottom left-hand corner, in front of the cheque acceptor.

Find out more about using Travellers Cheques. Visit the American Express Travellers Cheque website.

If your Travellers Cheques, passport or bank cards get lost or stolen, you’re completely covered.

Simply call the American Express Travellers Cheques Service Centre who’ll sort out replacement cheques for you if yours are lost or stolen. You’ll get a list of contact numbers when you get your cheques or you can find them on the American Express Travellers Cheques website.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the free passport replacement and credit or debit card cancellation service when you buy American Express Travellers Cheques at the Post Office.

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