Price Changes

Price changes

Keep up to date with our recent price changes for our HomePhone and Broadband services

We're changing some of our prices from 1st July 2015

  • On all our tariffs we have introduced an Access Charge at 9.5p per minute. For more information on this change please visit
  • We have also had to remove 0845 & 0870 numbers from our Loved Ones Proposition.

From 5 January 2015, we’re changing some of our prices.

You’re still keeping all the same features and inclusive calls – we’ve just had to change some of our prices, including lowering the cost of our Essential Broadband and Premium Broadband packages.

HomePhone costs

  • HomePhone Line Rental with weekend calls is going up by £2 – from £13 to £15 a month.
  • Daytime calls to national, local and 0845/0870 numbers will go up by 1p – to 9.5p a minute.
  • The evening and weekend call package will increase by 25p – to £1.50 per month.
  • Line Rental Saver is going up from £120 to £144 per year. That’s an extra £2 a month. You’ll only get charged the new rate when your current Line Rental Saver payment comes to an end. 
  • Remember – you can still save £36 by using the Line Rental Saver next year.

Broadband costs

  • We’re lowering the price of Essential Broadband to £5 a month. With line rental now £15 a month, the total price will stay at £20 a month.
  • We’re lowering the price of Premium Broadband to £8 a month. With line rental now £15 a month, the total price will stay at £23 a month.



Why have you changed some of your prices?

We know how important it is to keep your bills down. That’s why we’ve held off on changing our prices as long as we can, even when other broadband companies have raised theirs. 

However, in order to keep offering all the great benefits in our packages, we’ve had to change the prices of some of our products and services.

Although some prices have increased, we’ve others and introduced new call options to help you save money.

Has anything changed in my package?

Your package hasn’t changed. 

You’ll still benefit from all the same products and services – including inclusive calls – that you already have, but some of the prices have changed. 

If you’re not sure which products or features you have at the moment, log in to your Broadband or HomePhone account and review your package there. You could also have a look at any previous bills.

Why should I stay with the Post Office?

  • We’ve reduced the price of our broadband packages. If you’re a HomePhone customer, you can add a broadband package to your account for an extra £5 a month.
  • If you have one of our Evening & Weekend or Anytime options, you also enjoy free weekend calls to UK mobiles and landlines in our top 40 countries.
  • If you’re a HomePhone customer, you can nominate 10 Loved Ones. You’ll get 10% off all calls to those numbers. They can be UK or International, landlines or mobiles. And they can be changed at any time.

How will these prices appear on my bill?

As prices will be changing on 5 January, we’ll adjust your bill from then on – you’ll see these changes on the next bill you receive after 5 January.

On this bill, any pricing that’s changed – including line rental – will show as amendments on your bill. 

As you pay in advance for your services, previous package and line rental prices will show as adjustments on your bill, refunding you up to 5 January 2015. 

The new package line rental prices will apply from 6 January 2015, when you’ll be charged for your usual period at the new prices. 

How can I see what’s in my account?

Log in to your Broadband or HomePhone account.

Your email address and password were given to you when you first ordered Post Office Broadband or HomePhone. (Have a look in your inbox for the first few emails from the Post Office.)

Once you’re logged in, click ‘Change features’. The ‘Current features’ screen will be displayed – this should list your current package

How are you telling people about the price changes?

We posted letters to existing HomePhone and Broadband customers in November 2014, letting them know about the changes.