Price changes

We're changing some of our prices from 5th January 2015

HomePhone pricing

  • HomePhone Line Rental with weekend calls is changing from £13 to £15 a month.
  • Daytime calls to national, local and 0845/0870 numbers will change from 8.5p to 9.5p a minute.
  • Evening and weekend calls will increase by 25p to £1.50 per month.
  • Line Rental Saver is changing from £120 to £144 per year. That’s the equivalent of £12 a month. This new pricing will come into effect once your existing savings period has ended. And you can still save £36 a year by taking the Line Rental Saver next year.

Please remember, nothing else about your package is changing, you will keep all your existing features and inclusive calls, just the prices detailed above will change. To see the details of your own package, please refer to a previous bill or log in to your account at to review your features.

Broadband pricing

  • Broadband Essential with HomePhone: Broadband Essential will now be only £5 a month. Line rental with Weekend Calls will now be £15 a month, so the total price for both remains at £20 a month.
  • Broadband Premium with HomePhone: Broadband Premium will now be only £8 a month. Line rental with Weekend Calls will now be £15 a month, so the total price for both remains at £23 a month.

Frequently asked questions

Why have you changed some of your prices?

We’ve always done everything possible to give you great value for money and to help keep your bills down.

Historically, we’ve held off changing our prices for as long as possible, even when our competitors raised theirs. However, we’ve had to make a few changes to the price of some of our products and services in order to continue offering all the great benefits that our included within our packages.

Although some prices have increased, we have also make price reductions on a number of products as well as introducing new call options that can help save you money.

Has anything changed in my package?

Nothing about your package has changed. You will still benefit from all the same products and services including inclusive calls that you already have, just some of the prices have changed. If you are unclear what products or features you have today you can see them on a previous bill or alternatively you can log into and review you package there.

Why should I continue to stay with Post Office?

Although we have had to make some changes to our prices we remain committed to ensuring you continue to receive great value for money.

  • At £15 a month, our basic HomePhone package is still significantly cheaper than BT (£16.99 a month, TalkTalk (£15.95 a month), Sky (£16.40 a month), Virgin (£15.99 a month) and Plusnet (£15.95 a month)
  • We have reduced the price of our broadband packages, if you are a HomePhone customer you can now add a broadband package to your account from a little as £5 a month extra (includes free connection and wireless router)
  • Customers taking our Evening & Weekend or Anytime options also enjoy free weekend calls to UK mobiles and landlines in our top 40 countries for no extra charge.
  • Post Office HomePhone customers can Nominate 10 numbers they call most often and receive a 10% discount off all calls to those numbers. They can be any UK or International landlines and mobiles, 0845 or 0870 numbers. Plus, they can be changed at any time.

How will these prices appear on my bill?

As prices will be changing on the 5th January, some adjustments will be made to your bill to reflect the new prices – you will see these changes on the next bill you receive after the 5th January.

On this bill, any package pricing including line rentals which have changed will show as amendments on your bill. As you pay in advance for your services, the previous package and line rental prices will show as adjustments on your bill refunding you up to the 5th January 2015. The new package line rental prices will start from 6th January 2015 when you will be charged for your usual period at the new prices. Any calls on your bill will be charged at the current pricing until 5th January 2015, and then will be charged at the new rates from 6th January 2015. This means that you may see the same type of call on your itemised billing charged at different rates due to the price change.

How can I see what’s in my account?

  • Visit
  • Log in using your email address and password. If you are a new customer then your email address and password were given to you when you first placed your order for Post Office Broadband, so please look in your email inbox for the first few emails from the Post Office.
  • Once you are logged in click ‘Change features’
  • The ‘Current features’ screen is displayed – select which options or features you require and click on ‘Next’
  • The ‘Confirm your order’ screen is displayed – check that you have requested the correct services then click on the ‘I have read and I understand the website terms and conditions box and click on ‘Place Order’
  • Done. Your changes will be processed.

How are you telling people about the price changes?

If you are already a Post Office HomePhone or Broadband customers, you will be notified of these changes by letter well in advance of the changes coming into effect. Letters will be sent during November.

Did you know?

You can nominate 10 numbers you call most often and we’ll give you a 10% discount off all calls to those numbers. They can be any UK or International landlines and mobiles, 0845 or 0870 numbers. Plus, you can change them at any time.

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Choose either 100 or 500 minute options and make calls from as little as 1.5p a minute (normally 10p a minute).

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Cheaper international calls

Call any landline number in any of our top 40 countries like USA, Republic of Ireland, Poland or Australia, day or night for just £4 a month. Plus you also get 50% off call rates to all other countries.

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