Poste Restante

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick up your mail when you’re on the road in the UK or abroad? Now you can.

Free in the UK

Key benefits

  • Pick up your mail: from most branches of the Post Office in the UK and post offices in larger towns abroad
  • Store your mail: for up to three months. Note, items posted in the UK and received at the nominated Post Office are held for up to two weeks and one month for items posted from overseas

How it works

It’s easy to stay in touch when you’re travelling with Poste Restante.

  1. Apply
    For Foreign Travellers in the UK -.Before you travel to the UK, write to or call the Post Office to request the address details for the post office that you would like to use in the UK town where you will be staying.
    For Domestic travellers in the UK - Do this in person at the branch you’d like your post sent to. Please note, the Poste Restante service may not be available everywhere.
  2. Tell everyone the address
    Tell your friends, family and business contacts the Post Office address you’ll be picking up your mail from. This is how it should be written:

    Your name
    Post Office name
    Full address of the Post Office
    Postcode of the Post Office
    Country (if applicable)

    Your Poste Restante address will be active straight away but don’t forget to tell them they’ll need to include a return address on the back of the envelope.
  3. Pick up your post
    Pop into your designated Post Office branch to pick up your mail. It would be ideal for you to take your passport as a form of identification for you. If you normally live in the UK, and travelling within the UK, you must also take proof of your address with you such as a utility bill in order to collect your mail.

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Small print

The Poste Restante service is operated at the discretion of the Royal Mail/Post Office Limited. If we suspect that a customer’s use of the Poste Restante service is being abused, we will withdraw his/her use of the service immediately without notice. All items received subsequently will be returned to sender.

On the road?

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