Photocard Driving Licence Renewal

You could get a fine of £1,000 if you don't renew your photocard driving licence as it's against the law. Failure to renew may result in your entitlement to drive being revoked (withdraw). For just £4.50 we take care of everything including your photo, making the process quick, simple and secure.

Key benefits

  • Value for money: For just £4.50 we’ll take your photo and signature to DVLA standards and check your application. The price even includes the postage.
  • Quick and secure: Takes minutes to complete. We take and send your photo, digital signature and application directly and securely to the DVLA.
  • Simple: Everything is done in one place. We make sure your application is error-free and that your photo meets DVLA standards.

How it works

Selected Post Office branches offer this service using our cutting-edge technology to capture your details digitally and send your application securely to the DVLA.

  1. Select a branch and take your renewal reminder and your Driving Licence, along with any other items requested in the reminder letter
  2. We'll take your photo, make sure your application is error-free and ask you to sign a digital pad
  3. We’ll then send your details securely to the DVLA – it’s that quick and simple

You should receive your new photocard driving licence from the DVLA within 3 weeks, although it may take longer if they have to check your medical or personal details.

What's the cost

You'll need £21.50 in total. The DVLA Driving Licence Expiry fee is £17 and our renewal service fee is £4.50

When to renew your licence

You'll receive a reminder from DVLA  two months before you need to renew. If you don't have it don't worry so long as you have not changed your name, you can still use the Post Office service by taking your photocard driving licence to your selected branch. If you have changed address we can inform DVLA at the same time you renew your licence. If any other details have changed or you are unable to provide the licence you will need to apply directly to DVLA.

Branch Accessibility

Please note the maximum width of our renewal booths:

  • Larger booths: 1.193 metres
  • Standard booths: 0.694 metres

If you are using a wheelchair, please make sure that you will have enough room to enter the booth and rotate the chair by 90 degrees to face the camera. If you have any questions or to find your nearest accessible branch please call us on 0345 611 2970 and we’ll be happy to help.

Did you know?

From 8 June 2015 the counterpart to the photocard driving licence will not be valid and will no longer be issued. You could get a fine of £1,000 if you don't renew your photocard driving licence. Failure to renew may result in your entitlement to drive being revoked (withdrawn).

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