Redirection FAQs

Can I redirect mail from anywhere?

You can redirect your mail from most UK addresses to any other UK or overseas addresses, including British Forces and PO Box addresses. Redirections to European Union destinations (excluding the UK) are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

You can only redirect mail from an address you've actually lived at. Redirecting mail without proper authority is a criminal offence.

You do not redirect mail from a multiple occupancy residences e.g. hotels, guesthouses, nursing homes, colleges or similar accommodation.

Are there any types of mail that can't be redirected?

Redirection services cannot be set up from overseas to UK addresses.

It may be required by law not to redirect social security and other benefits mail. It can also be required by law to pass on your Redirection details to the Benefit Agency or Local Authority.

If you apply for a home Redirection, business mail will not be redirected.

Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed™ and Royal Mail Signed For™ items cannot be redirected abroad.

Items from other delivery services, including Parcelforce Worlwide can't be redirected.

Your Redirection details could be passed onto selected organisations to help prevent fraud and money laundering.

International Mail - Any item bigger than Letter format over 25mm thickness & over 100g that clearly contains goods cannot be redirected abroad.

Any Letter format items or Large Letter format items obviously containing printed-paper up to 25mm thickness & 100g can be redirected abroad.

What happens when my redirection runs out?

We'll write to you two to four weeks before it runs out to let you know. Then you can either renew online or through the post using the Freepost envelope Royal Mail will send, or you can do it over the phone and pay by credit or debit card.

We're sorry, but currently you cannot renew your Redirection at the Post Office™.

What if I move again while you're still redirecting my mail?

You should cancel your first 'A to B' Redirection and set up new 'B to C' and 'A to C' Redirections. You'll need to pay for two new Redirections, and Royal Mail won't be able to refund your initial payment. But mail from address 'A' will still reach you just one day later.

What happens if something goes wrong?

You may be entitled to a goodwill payment if something goes wrong but you need to make your complaint within one month of the incident.