The dos and don'ts of passport photos

  • Most rejected applications are due to incorrect photos
  • Passport Check & Send helps you get your application right first time

You know the drill. Your holiday is approaching. You’re rooting around in the sock drawer for your passport, only to discover it’s about to expire

Has it really been that long? One look at that youthful photo inside and… actually, it seems it really has.

We know getting your passport photo taken can be a bit of a hassle. We also know that it’s unlikely to be the most flattering photo you’ve ever had taken. Unfortunately, if you have any hopes of ever seeing what the big wide world has to offer, you’ll just have to face the music. 

…Figuratively, of course. Unless the photo booth happens to be in a karaoke bar. (What a night that was). But seriously – don’t ever have your passport photo taken in a karaoke bar. 

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to all this. With our Passport Check & Send service, we’ll help you get everything on your application right first time. 

It takes the bother out of all that back and forth – on the phone, in the office, at home – ensuring everything is present and correct and your form can whizz through without undue delays. 

Our staff will take extra-special care to find things like photographic fails that can lead to hold-ups.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, take a quick glimpse at the video below. Go on, we’ll wait here. 

These examples may be a tad on the silly side, but you’d be surprised at how often small slip ups can happen. It’s the kind of thing you just don’t want to deal with, just before you’re meant to be getting acquainted with paradise. 

We’ll also check for other potential issues – like whether you need to get your photograph counter-signed (which can happen if your appearance has changed a lot, or for a few other reasons on this and how long children’s passports are valid for (five years – because they grow up so fast!). 

Now, we don’t usually like to blow our own trumpet, but this easy-as-pie process comes recommended by Her Majesty’s Passport Service. So you can be sure that by using it, your application will sail through and avoid unnecessary delays.

Let us do the leg work and you can get back to stacking your work/life balance chips firmly in favour of the latter. 

Happy holidays.