Mobile Top-up

Whatever your network provider, there are two ways you can top-up your prepaid mobile in any of our branches - E Top-ups and E-Vouchers.

Key benefits

  • E Top-ups: buy instant top-ups using a swipe card that’s linked to your phone
  • E-vouchers: buy a voucher you can activate and top-up your phone with
  • Convenient: you’re never far away from a Post Office branch

Using E Top-ups

  1. Get your card Pick up a free magnetic swipe card and leaflet in your local branch, or contact your mobile phone provider and ask for one. You can reuse the same card again and again, making topping-up, quick and easy.
  2. Buy credit Pop in branch, hand over your card and buy an E Top-up of either £5 or £10 – other amounts may also be available, depending on your network provider.
  3. Use your phone You’ll receive a receipt and depending on which network you’re with, your phone will either be credited immediately or within 10 minutes.

Using E-Vouchers

  1. Buy an E-Voucher Pop in branch and top-up your mobile phone by buying an E-Voucher.
  2. Enter your PIN Your E-Voucher will have a PIN printed on it. Enter the PIN into your mobile phone to activate the top-up.
  3. Use your phone The money will instantly be credited on your phone.