International Economy

Sending a parcel overseas that doesn’t need to get there in a hurry? Send it International Economy

Key benefits

  • Ideal for heavier parcels
  • Affordable & easy to use
  • Worldwide delivery – you can use International Economy to send parcels anywhere in the world.

With International Economy you also get up to £20 compensation cover.

Item type Maximum size Maximum weight
Parcel One surface at least 90mm x 140mm.
Height + Width + Depth no greater than 900mm
No single side must be longer than 600mm.
Roll Min dimension: length plus 2 x diameter should be at least 170mm
No single side can be shorter than 100mm
Max dimension; Length plus twice the diameter = 1040mm with the greatest dimension not over 900mm
Printed Papers
(when using this service please write PRINTED PAPERS in the top right hand corner on the front of the item)
One surface at least 90mm x 140mm
Height + Width + Depth no greater than 900mm
No single side must be longer than 600mm
(Exceptions - no items over 2kg (including books and pamphlets) can be sent to Canada and Cambodia. Only books up to 5kg may be sent to the Republic of Ireland)

Customs details

Visit your local Post Office® for customs information and customs forms

  • EU - No Customs declaration needed. However, there are a few exceptions
  • Rest of the world - Sign and date a declaration and include your name and address.
  • Items worth up to £270 must carry customs declaration CN22 and Items worth over £270 must carry customs declaration CN23 and the SP126 plastic envelope.

Prohibited and Restricted Goods

There are some goods that are restricted and/or prohibited that you cannot send. Also some countries overseas have their own rules on what they will and will not allow to be sent by post. Click here to learn more.

Need it to get there sooner?

Take a look at International Standard for fast and easy delivery anywhere in world.

  Weight Price
Small Parcels Up to 100g £3.25
Up to 250g £3.75
Up to 500g £5.30
Up to 750g £6.65
Up to 1kg £8.06
Up to 1.25kg £9.41
Up to 1.5kg £10.76
Up to 1.75kg £12.11
Up to 2kg £13.26

Prices are exempt of VAT.

Printed Papers only : For each 250g or part thereof up to 5kg add £1.15

Need your parcel to get there quicker?

International Standard offers a faster way to send your Parcel

International Economy

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