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GOV.UK Verify Services

Find out which online government services you can access using GOV.UK Verify

Read on to discover how to gain access to the growing list of online government services.

  1. To get started, you'll need your passport, driving licence, bank card and your mobile phone.
  2. You can either get going right away, or you can request an email reminder to sign up at a more convenient time if you don’t have everything you need to hand. Just use the buttons below. 
  3. We’ll get in touch when it suits you, and then help you through the whole GOV.UK Verify process.

The following list details the services you can access using GOV.UK Verify.

Self Assessment

Claim a tax refund

Check or update your company car tax

Claim rural payments 

Claim for redundancy and monies owed 

View or share your driving licence information

Get a State Pension Statement

  • You can apply online to get your State Pension statement faster
  • This new service is currently in ‘beta’ - it’s being tested and improved. You can also get a forecast of how much you could get when you reach State Pension age and find out how to increase this amount.
  • Set up a reminder to help your friends and family.


Services coming soon:

For more information please check with the GOV.UK Verify blog which gives details of the services that will be using Verify over the course of the next 18 months.