Travel Money Card FAQs

Find answers to some of your most common questions about Travel Money Card

Does this card meet my travel needs?

Please take time to read about our Travel Money Card, making a choice on which product and currency to take to your destination can make all the difference, helping you to have a hassle free holiday.

Our products features, fees and limits have been detailed for you on this website and within your terms and conditions, please take time to read these, they have been provided to help you get the best experience when using our card.

Which currency of card should I buy?

Post Office Travel Money Card is available in 13 different currencies, all of which can be loaded on one card. If available, you should load the currency of the country you are travelling to. If we do not offer the currency in your chosen destination we recommend you load Sterling onto your card to avoid multiple exchange rates. regardless of the currency you have loaded, the card will work around the world in locations that accept MasterCard.

Please see "will I be charged for using my card" for more information.

How do I buy a Travel Money Card?

You can purchase a Travel Money Card online or through any of our UK Post Office branches. Approximately 4,000 of our branches will be able to sell you a card instantly, alternatively every branch can order you a card for home delivery. The home delivery card purchased through a branch or the website can take 4-6 days to arrive at your address and will have your name printed on it. This can help with acceptance in some countries.

You must be a UK resident, 18 years or over and provide us with a valid passport or photo UK driving licence, along with your current address (if applying in branch you must present us your valid passport or photo UK driving licence at time of purchase).

Will I have to go through a credit check when applying for a card?

No you don’t. We will carry out an address verification check on you to issue the card but this is not a credit check.

What happens if I don't pass the address verification checks?

If we are unable to verify your details as part of a branch application you will be offered a card that offers no ability to load funds. This comes with clear instructions by email (make sure you give us your email address) on how to send us ID to get your card working. Once we have verified your ID you can load money on to your card online, via our App or in any UK Post Office branch.

If you are applying online and we cannot verify your details we will ask you to apply for a card in branch and follow the above process of sending us ID. 

Can I apply for a card for someone who is under 18?

No you can’t. All cards must be purchased by the intended card holder and all customers must be over 18 to be entitled to use the card.

What currencies can I load on to my card?

We offer 13 currencies on our Travel Money Card. Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Canadian Dollar, South African Rand, Thai Baht, Turkish Lira, Croatian Kuna, Polish Zloty, Swiss Franc, UAE Dirham and Pounds Sterling.

Can I hold multiple currencies on my card?

Yes you can. You can load any of the 13 currencies offered on your card as long as you don’t exceed the maximum load limits we have in place. Please see the Terms and Conditions document for the limits, or 'how much can I load on to a card'? 

Can I hold more than one card?

Yes you can. You can hold up to 3 cards although as you can load any of the 13 currencies on to your card there is little need to do so.

How much can I load on to a card?

If you pass our address verification checks you can load up to £5,000 on your card at any time, up to a maximum holding of £10,000 over all 13 currencies. The card has an overall annual load and spend limit of £30,000.  

Can I put leftover currency onto my card?

No you can’t. You can only make payment onto your card in Sterling, either by cash, debit card or credit card. Please note your card issuer may charge you a cash advance fee for using your credit /debit card to top up a Travel Money Card. Please check with your card issuer.

How can I track my balance and spend?

You can track your balance and view transactions via:

  • Free mobile app - Which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google play.
  • Website - Can check your balance and transactions on the "your account" section of the website.
  • Any UK Post Office branch  (please note that the balance displayed in these instances will be in Sterling and show the cards total holdings across all currencies based on that days exchange rate).

How do I top up my Travel Money Card?

The three main ways of topping up your Post Office Travel Money Card are:


  • Free mobile app - Which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google play.
  • Website
  • Any UK Post Office branch  


Your card issuer may charge you a cash advance fee for using your credit / debit card to top up a Travel Money Card. Please check with your card issuer.

How do I top up a different currency to the one I bought at the time of buying the card?

The multi-currency card allows you to load any of our 13 currencies on to your card. You can load any currency at any time though any of our top up options (shown in “How do I top up my Travel Money Card?”). Please be aware that you can only load one currency in each transaction and can carry out a maximum of 3 transactions per day.

What is my access code and why is it important?

Your access code is a 6 digit number and is required whenever you need to speak to us and at certain points on the website.


If you bought your card online or have registered your branch card online, your access code would have been created by you at the time of online registration.


If you haven't yet registered your card on the website, your access code will be detailed on your welcome letter.

How do I use the card?

Your Travel Money Card works in the same way as your normal debit card. It can be used in retailers who accept MasterCard as well as at ATMs and online. The card is Chip & PIN enabled which means you will be asked to input your PIN when completing transactions. There is also a contactless function for smaller transactions, the amount is set by the country of use and can vary for each country. (Maximum 3 contactless payments consecutively)


Some countries, including the USA, do not use Chip & PIN, this means you may be asked to sign for your purchases rather than enter your PIN.


Please note: If the retailer has the capability to use Chip & PIN we will only accept a Chip & PIN transaction

Can I shop online with this card?

Yes, your Travel Money Card works in the same way as a debit card. It can be used at the point of sale, to withdraw money from ATMS’s and to purchase goods and services online. 

Will I be charged for using my card?

There are no charges when using your card in retailers in the country of the currency on the card. This means that a €20 purchase in Spain would cost you €20. 

A cash withdrawal fee will be charged when withdrawing cash from a UK Post Office branch or from any ATM.

The Post Office Travel Money Card is primarily intended for use in countries where the national currency is the same as the currencies on your card, if the currency falls outside any of the 13 we offer on your card you will be charged a cross border fee. For example, using your card in Brazil will incur a cross border fee, because we do not offer the Brazilian Real as a currency.

To avoid unnecessary charges to your card, wherever asked, you should always choose to pay for goods or withdraw cash in the currencies of your card. For example, if you are using the card in Spain you should always choose to pay in Euros if offered a choice. Choosing to pay in Sterling in this example would allow the merchant to exchange your transaction from Euro to Sterling. This would mean that your transaction has gone through two exchange rate conversions which will increase the total cost of your transaction.

Details of all our fees can be found in the terms & conditions.

Is there anywhere I shouldn't/can't use my card?

We recommend that you do not use your card for the following:


  • Checking in to hotels where they take a deposit / pre authorisation.
  • When collecting car hire that requires a deposit.


Cards should not be used at the above due to the way transactions are processed. Hotels and car hire companies will often take a deposit from your card which we have to ‘ring fence' for a number of days, thus preventing you from spending this money elsewhere.


You may also be unable to use your card at the following merchants as they are unable to check your transaction with us and will therefore decline the transaction: 

  • Self-service petrol pumps.
  • Toll road payments.
  • On-board cruise ships or ferries.
  • On-board aircraft.

Are there any countries the card won't work in?

Post Office Travel Money Card is accepted in 2.1 million ATMs  around the world and in 36 million retail outlets, wherever you see a MasterCard logo. Please remember, if you use the card in a currency other than the 13 we offer you will be charged a 3% cross border fee. 

What happens if I have money left on my card when I get back from holiday?

Your card can be used all across the world, so you can keep money on your card for your next trip. You can also move money from one currency to another whenever you like. This can be moved through your account on the website.

If you wish to withdraw currency from your card, you can withdraw at a UK Post Office Branch or ATM (daily limits and ATM fee will apply). If you have currencies other than Pounds Sterling we will move money to your Sterling wallet at the days exchange rates to provide you with an up-to-date balance in Sterling.

Otherwise, If you wish to redeem the remaining balance from your card you can do so through our call centre by calling 0344 335 0109 or +44 20 7937 0280 if abroad.

I have some Euros left on my card but I am going to America next, what can I do with my Euros?

You can move money from one currency to another whenever you like. This can be moved through your account on the website using the wallet to wallet transfer functionality. Exchange rates apply and will be displayed. Alternatively you could just spend in the USA and we will move the money for you as part of the transaction. There are no fees either way although please remember that exchange rates move daily.

Do I have to move money from one currency to another?

No you don’t. If you have money in one currency and spend in a different currency we will automatically move your currency for you to authorise a transaction. For example: you have US$20 on your card and you are buying something in Spain for €10. We will see that you are in Spain and move the correct amount of US$ to cover your €10 purchase, any outstanding balance will remain in US$. The money will be moved at an exchange rate determined by us and will be displayed on our website and mobile app daily.

Why do I need to register my card on if I have bought the card at a Post Office branch?

Registering your card on allows you to use the website to check your balance, view transactions or top up your Post Office Travel Money Card from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. You will also be able to make the most of our wallet to wallet transfer functionality through the website.