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Pride at Post Office

Celebrating diversity and driving inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do here at Post Office. Here's our take on Pride 2020.



This year, Pride’s a little different. This year, instead of going on our normal marches, we must express our solidarity with communities digitally, vocally and financially from our homes. The recent killing of George Floyd has emphasised more powerfully the need for all communities to stand together and challenge intolerance, injustice and inequality everywhere.


We are seeing a bright light being shone on communities, justice and fairness all over the world, exposing where the gaps in our consciousness and actions are. That’s why, this year, the message of Pride is more important than it’s ever been.

Post Office celebrates and promotes diversity in all its forms. This year we renew our commitment to justice, equality and recognition through our practices, policies, products and people. Through our internal LGTB+ network, Prism, we continue to examine how we can improve.


But there are still, today, communities and individuals at risk of marginalisation and struggle, and this may be amplified by the difficulties of a global pandemic. If you witness discrimination at a Post Office, we’d like you to get in touch with us. Please contact and provide us with as much detail as possible.


We’re stronger together. Pride is a symbol of togetherness. And when we stand together, we are a nation of hope.


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