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Our customs tool is down for maintenance right now

Please check again shortly. If you need to send an item internationally, our branch counter staff can process a form for you.


  • Customs forms are mandatory if you send gifts or goods outside of the UK, except if posting to the EU from Northern Ireland. They help local customs authorities identify if items you’re sending internationally are allowed into their destination country and calculate any duties or taxes due. Forms with missing or incomplete information are likely to be returned or delayed.

  • Some forms have a unique barcode, such as the multi-layered, CP72 form, so they can’t be filled in online. Pick up some extra copies in branch to save time in the future.

  • No declaration requirements for goods moved directly between Northern Ireland and the European Union currently exist. Customs forms are still needed if posting from Northern Ireland to non-EU destinations, except the UK.

    The latest UK Government guidance provides more information on sending mail from Northern Ireland.

  • Items sold into the EU from England, Scotland and Wales are subject to VAT and customs rules. The Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) is a scheme through which businesses can pay these charges so their customers don’t  paying duties and fees when the item is delivered. 

  • Our branch staff can help you with printing customs forms.

    All customs details for services purchased through Parcels Online are filled in during the booking process online. They don’t need to be printed or attached to the parcel.

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