Pre-Paid Funeral Plan FAQs

Extra details you may need to know before taking out your pre-paid funeral plan

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a way to pre-pay funeral costs in advance. It also helps you to protect your family from the worry and stress of arranging the funeral.

Why should I take out a funeral plan?

Taking out a pre-paid funeral plan allows you to make important decisions about what you and your loved ones want from the funeral – and because it’s paid for in advance, you’ll get complete peace of mind, knowing your affairs are in order. Taking out a funeral plan will help to save your loved ones the worry and stress of arranging a funeral at such an emotional time.

I have Savings and/or Over 50's Life Cover, why do I need a Funeral Plan?

Savings and Over 50’S Life Cover are not guaranteed to cover your funeral costs – whereas a pre-paid funeral plan guarantees that the funeral director fees for arranging and conducting the funeral as well as the cremation fee and the Minister or Officiant’s fee as included in the plan are covered. Where a burial is required, each plan provides a market-leading contribution of £1,220 towards burial costs. This contribution increases each year in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) for the plan’s duration. And with funeral expenses rising year on year, you may find that savings and over 50’s life insurance aren’t enough to cover the cost of the funeral.

Do I have to take a medical?

No, as long as you’re aged 50 or over, you’re guaranteed to be accepted.

Why are burial funerals not guaranteed?

We are unable to guarantee the cost of burial funerals as costs vary significantly from region to region. When you choose a burial funeral, the funeral director fees for arranging and conducting the funeral are guaranteed and we offer a contribution of £1,220 towards third party costs such as burial plot. This contribution will rise in line with inflation.

Does the plan cover every cost?

No, the plan only guarantees to cover the items listed on the 'Plan details' page. There may be other costs such as flowers or memorials which are excluded. Regulatory changes could also mean extra costs, e.g. if VAT became payable on funerals. Any such costs would need to be paid for by the person arranging the funeral at the time.

What is not included in the pre-paid funeral plan?

Post Office Money Pre-Paid Funeral Plan does not include the cost of all additional personal touches like flowers or obituaries. You can include instructions for these additional services in your plan and when the time comes a helping hand will be provided with the arrangements. But as some special wishes have additional costs that are not covered by the plan, your Next of Kin will need to pay for them separately. Alternatively, you can make an additional contribution towards these costs and this will rise in line with inflation.

Am I really getting good value for money?

By fixing your funeral at today's prices, you can protect yourself and your loved ones against future rises. The plan guarantees to cover all the services included in the plan, no matter how much prices rise in the future, or no matter how far in the future it is needed. And unlike other ways of saving or paying for a funeral, it’s completely unaffected by changes in inflation or interest rates.

Can I choose my funeral director?

Dignity has a network of over 1,200 owned or approved funeral directors who agree to meet their high standards of service. When you take out a plan, a funeral director will be nominated for you. You can also call us before taking out a plan to find out their details.

Can I take out a plan for me and my partner?

Yes a separate second plan can be taken out for a partner or a friend. Two application forms are included in the pack posted to you or please call us on 0800 033 4302.

If I choose to pay monthly, what happens if I die before I’ve finished making all the payments?

The arrangements and price guarantees in your plan will stay in place as long as the person arranging your funeral agrees to pay the remaining balance in full. An invoice for the remaining balance will be raised after the funeral.

What happens once I take out a plan?

After you take out a plan, you will be sent your Welcome Pack that contains everything you need. Make sure to keep it in a safe place, and let your loved ones know. You'll need to decide who you want to look after your funeral arrangements and pass on the 'Funeral Organiser' pack to them - this will tell them about your funeral plan and what they need to do.

Can I make personal requests for my funeral?

Yes, you can add personal requests to your funeral plan. For example, you could leave instructions on where to hold the service, what flowers to get and which hymns to sing. Adding these to your plan will give your loved ones the reassurance of knowing that everything is being done the way you want it to be. Some personal requests may incur additional costs, which would need to be paid for separately at the time of the funeral. Alternatively, you can make an additional contribution towards these costs and this will rise in line with inflation.

How do I pay online?

Paying and setting up your funeral plan online is easy and secure with the use of latest security technology to protect your payments.  If you choose to make a lump sum payment, you can use either a credit card or a debit card. You don’t have to pay all at once; you can choose to spread the costs of your funeral plan over 12 or 24 months.  However, if you choose to spread the cost over more than 12 months, an administration fee will be charged.

How can I be sure that my money is secure?

Any payment you make for your Post Office Money® Pre-Paid Funeral Plan will be placed in the National Funeral Trust that is completely independent of both Post Office Limited and Dignity. The Trust Fund is looked after by some of the UK’s most reputable financial experts - including M&G Investment Management Limited, part of the Prudential Group.

Why do you charge an administration fee for payments over 12 months?

The instalment charge for payment plans over 12 months is needed to ensure there is enough money in the Trust Fund to cover the guaranteed services in your plan whenever in the future they are needed. This is because unlike plans that are paid in full, the National Funeral Trust does not receive growth from the outset on the full price of the plan and therefore does not keep pace with rising funeral costs in the same way. The instalment fee enables customers to spread the cost of the plan whilst still maintaining the long-term stability of the Trust Fund.

What if I change my mind?

You will be provided a full refund if you cancel within 90 days. After this a cancellation fee of £195 would be deducted from any refund due to you. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for further details.

How can I be sure my funeral will be carried out just as I wanted?

We work with Dignity who carried out 70,700 funerals in 2016*. Dignity's reputation relies on them getting the details right for the families involved. They understand they have no second chances, which is why they take extra care to make sure every funeral is of the highest possible standards.

* Dignity plc Annual Report & Accounts 2016

What happens when this plan is needed?

When you pass away, all that your family then needs to do is make one phone call. The Nominated Funeral Director will then see to all the arrangements. They’ll keep in touch with your family at every stage and offer helpful advice and guidance.

What if I have any questions in the future?

Our UK-based Client Service Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So whenever you have a question about your plan, you can call at any time of day or night to speak to one of our friendly, caring Client Service Advisors. They will spend as long as you need on the phone, answering questions and explaining everything.

What happens if the person the funeral plan is intended for dies abroad or away from home?

If the planholder passes away abroad, it’s the responsibility of their Next of Kin to arrange repatriation and transport to the Dignity Nominated Funeral Director. The cost of this is usually covered by their travel insurance if they have any in place. However, if the planholder passes away in the UK, the plan will be activated and we'll arrange for them to be brought to the Nominated Funeral Director. Any additional mileage above the 50 miles that is included in the plan will be charged.

Can the funeral director arrange a different plan level from the one I’ve chosen?

No, your funeral director must provide all the services outlined in your plan and they must meet the high quality standards set out. However, if your family or Funeral Organiser wish to add to the plan, they can. For example, they could upgrade the coffin or add an extra limousine to the plan, or they could arrange for readings, hymns or special pieces of music to be played. Some requests may incur an additional cost which are not included in the plan. Please refer to Terms and Conditions.

What happens if I move?

Post Office Money Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is portable, so you can use it anywhere in mainland Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Jersey, the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight. Simply contact us with your new address and your records will be updated and a new funeral director will be nominated accordingly.

What if my Nominated Funeral Director goes out of business?

Rest assured that your funeral plan is protected, no matter what happens to either Post Office Limited or Dignity. However, if this did happen, or if one of our independent funeral directors went out of business, your plan would simply be moved to another approved funeral director.


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