UK & International Phonecards

Want to stay in touch, but don’t want a contract? Try a pre-paid phonecard to call loved ones here or abroad.


Keep in touch with loved ones abroad

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to call the other side of the world. Here’s how you can save money on international calls.

  • Choose a £5, £10 or £20 Phonecard
  • Rates from just 2p per minute
  • Free and special rate international calls to selected countries every Saturday
  • No hidden charges, connection fees or contracts – just call from your phone
  • It’s easy to use – in just three simple steps, you’ll be talking to that special someone

Monthly Deals

Every month, we offer free or special rate deals to certain destinations, to make catching up with friends and family even more rewarding.

Find out where and when you can dial and save with our monthly deals.

Pricing Notifications

  • 2/11/2017 - Due to unforseen price increases we are no longer able to offer the 1p promotional rate to South Africa for the month of December 2017. We apologies for any inconvenience. 
  • 19/10/2017 -  Calls to South Africa landlines and mobiles will be increasing to 20p per minute (0800 access number) and 19p a minute (020 access number).   


To view our current Phonecard call rates please see the following guides:


*Between 12 noon and midnight GMT, there will be a 4p a minute surcharge using a UK mobile to call a 'free destination' or 1p Saturday destination using the 0800 access number.

Things you need to know

  • Calling 0800 access numbers from a mobile phone – there will be an additional charge of 4p per minute to your card.
  • Rates are rounded up in pence-per-minute to two decimal places and include VAT.
  • Calls to international mobile numbers or non-geographic number (one that isn’t linked to a specific place, like 0870 in the UK), the rate won’t be the same as the one shown above.
  • Read our terms and conditions here 

How it works

You can pick up a phonecard from any Post Office branch

  • You’ll find a unique PIN and two access numbers (beginning 0800 & 020) on the back. Make sure you know which is the right access number for you before you dial it.
  • Use the Freephone number, 0800 to avoid being charged by your service provider. 0800 numbers are free for landlines and mobiles.
  • Tap in your PIN when you’re prompted.
  • When you hear the next prompt, dial the number you want. Make sure you include the full international code.

Want to make another call? Just enter # #.

Just so you know, £5 and £10 phonecards expire 60 days after you first use your pin, while the £20 card expires 90 days after.

How much do Phonecard calls cost

Calling landlines abroad

All the rates shown below are for calls using the 020 access number. For calls using the 0800 number, add an extra 1p per minute when calling from a landline, or 4p per minute when calling from a mobile.

Countries Call rates Countries Call rates


Australia 3p Mexico 2p
Canada 2p Netherlands 2p
China 2p New Zealand 2p
Cyprus 2p Norway 3p
Denmark 3p Poland 2p
France 2p South Africa 19p
Germany 2p Spain 2p
Hungary 2p Sweden 2p
India 3p Thailand 3p
Ireland 2p USA 2p
Italy 2p Venezuala 3p

Calling within the UK

Call to Rate per minute
landlines 2p
mobiles 9p
0845 numbers


*15p per minute access charge plus 7p per minute service charge

0870 numbers


**15p per minute access charge plus 13p per minute service charge

UK 0800 and 0808 numbers 0p
UK Guernsey mobile numbers 24p
UK Jersey mobile numbers 24p
UK NHS Line  8p

How we charge you

Just so you know, we round up rates in pence-per-minute to two decimal places and include VAT. And if you call an international mobile or non-geographic number (one that isn’t linked to a specific place, like 0870 in the UK), the rate won’t be the same as the one shown above.

Read our terms and conditions here.