Welcome to Post Office Broadband & Phone

  • Your old Fuel service has now been transferred over to the Post Office.
  • Please read the information below

Important Information

  • Fuel Broadband decided to leave the broadband and phone market at the end of July.
  • To make sure you didn’t experience any loss of service your service was transferred over to the Post Office Broadband & Phone network at the beginning of August.
  • You will have received a letter (or email) from Fuel between May 30th and June 9th explaining this, followed by letters (or emails) from Post Office between the 12th and 26th of June, explaining the transfer process and your Post Office introductory offer.
  • You will also have received a letter (or email) between the 1st August and 9th August confirming your successful transfer.
  • If you are a former Fuel customer please read the important information below about your new service.

Fuel Broadband FAQs

My first Post Office bill is higher than I expected, why is this?

Like many companies, we charge the monthly rental part of our services a month in advance, this includes things that have a fixed monthly charge like line rental, broadband charges and any service subscription charges.

Your first bill is likely to be larger than normal as the billing period is slightly over one month to ensure your regular bill payment date remains the same. Only your first bill from the Post Office will look like this, future bills will be the monthly amount we confirmed to you.

Note: For extra things such as call charges, these will appear on your next bill after you’ve used them.

I wasn’t told that my service was transferring to the Post Office

Fuel Broadband and Post Office sent a series of communications starting from the end of May 2017 to explain what will be happening.

You will have received the communications via email or letter depending on the communications preference we hold for you. 

If you believe you have not received these communications please do the following:

  • If your contact preference is email - check your Junk/Spam folder and email settings
  • If your contact preference is email - check we have the correct email address for you - you can do this now via your Online Account
  • If your contact preference is letter - please check we have the correct postal address for you - you can do this now via your Online Account


If you wish to change any of your communications preferences for future correspondence, you can also do this on your Online Account

I wasn’t informed the Post Office would collect payments via Direct Debit

A letter (or email) was sent to you between the 12th and 26th of June letting you know that your Fuel Broadband Direct Debit details would automatically be transferred over to the Post Office so that your service could continue. (This letter also contained the password for your Online Account)

This Direct Debit transfer process follows strict banking industry guidelines and is governed by BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Services)

Where can I find my Online Account username and password?

Two letters (or emails) were sent to you between the 12th and 26th of June. One included your Online Account username, the second included your Online Account password.

  • If you no longer have this correspondence, you can obtain your user name by calling us on 0345 600 3210 (this call is free when dialled from your Post Office home phone line. 9am-6pm, 7 days a week)
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can re-set this easily by visiting your Online Account

Will I get the same broadband speeds as I did before the transfer?

Yes, the Post Office uses the same broadband network supplier as Fuel Broadband, so you should experience no significant change to the speed of your service.

For more information on broadband speeds, please visit our Broadband Speed FAQ’s

Can I still take up the Introductory Offer?

Good news, our Introductory offers has now been updated. 

Please call us 0345 600 3210 (Option 4, then Option 1) and our team will be delighted to go through the different options to suit your needs

Can I get a copy of my previous Fuel Broadband bills?

Yes, all of your previous bills from Fuel Broadband are available on your Online Account

Do I have a contract with the Post Office?

The successful transfer of your service from Fuel Broadband to the Post Office means you are covered by our standard Terms and Conditions. These apply to all customers and are available here

If you accepted an Introductory Offer then depending on which package you are on, you may also be subject to a minimum term contract – you can see what Introductory Offer you are on by visiting your Online Account

Contact us

To speak to us please call us on: (free when dialled from your Post Office home phone line.)

0345 600 3210 9am-6pm, 7 days a week