Post Office Telecoms Vulnerability Policy

At the Post Office we are committed to providing quality products and services for all our customers. We work in an open and responsible way that builds the trust and respect of all our customers. Post Office seeks to ensure that all customers are provided with good product and service choices, so that they can make good buying decisions and have a positive experience when dealing with us.

Addressing the needs of vulnerable customers is core to Post Office’s social purpose and is aligned to our objectives to be ‘Better for Customers’ and a ‘Great Place to Work’.

There are countless examples of how we assist customers when they need us most. This policy outlines the telecoms policy approach so that we continue to ensure that we are able to look after the needs of vulnerable customers.

Identifying vulnerable customers

Customers may be vulnerable due to circumstances such as age, physical or learning disability, physical or mental illness, low literacy, communications difficulties or changes in circumstances such as bereavement.

How we record your information

Post Office will only record information about a customer’s vulnerability or disability which is relevant to the services that we provide. Further details about the information that we store can be found in our Privacy Policy.

During any communication with customers, if they inform us of a vulnerability or disability we will ask them if they are happy for us to make a note of this on their account. If customers consent to us recording this data, we will use this information where appropriate to help us meet their needs.

Looking after our vulnerable and disabled customers

All of our agents receive specialist training on how to deal with vulnerable and disabled customers. We ask our agents to pay that extra level of care, attention and sensitivity when communicating with and working to resolve customers’ faults, orders, enquiries or issues. At the same time we ask our customers to respect our agents and refrain from any abusive behaviour.

For example if we are aware that a customer has a speech impediment, each time the customer contacts us, the agent who answers to the call will know that there may be difficulty in responding to their questions and take their time to way for a response.

Another example may be if a customer has informed us that they have lost their job and are struggling to pay their bill, we will work with them to develop a payment plan.

Appointing someone to act on your behalf

Paying bills
If a customer needs assistance in managing his or hers bills, they can notify the Post Office of this request and request a Delegated Authority on their account.

The Delegated Authority can:
Receive the customers bill
Be notified when a bill has not been paid
Pay the customer’s bill on their behalf

Cancelling an account
We have procedures in place that allow for third parties to help a customer with their account which are detailed below. If however a third party wants to cancel a customer’s account due to a medical condition and does not have Power of Attorney, they can send us a letter on letter headed paper from the Account Holders Doctor or Hospital to the address below.

On receipt of this document we’ll be able to process the cancellation.
Post Office Telecoms Services
PO Box 14125

Power of Attorney
If a customer has a Power of Attorney whom wants to act on their behalf, we will need a certified copy of the LPA certificate to be sent to the following address:

Post Office Telecoms Services
PO Box 14125

If a customer has a Deputy who is acting on their behalf, we will need a certified copy of the Deputyship court order to be sent to the following address:

Post Office Telecoms Services
PO Box 14125

Dealing with bereavement

We understand how difficult it can be when a friend or family member has passed away. Our Customer Services team are here to make the process of changing the owner or closing a broadband or phone account as easy as possible for you.

Who do I contact?
Simply call our Customer Services team on 0345 600 3210 (free from a Post Office Home Phone) to notify Post Office of the loss of the account holder. Our dedicated Customer Services team operates Monday - Saturday between 8.00am – 8:00pm, Sundays 9am to 6pm and are able to help you.

What you’ll need.
To find the right account, we’ll just need the account holders name and the account number (you can find this on the most recent bill) or the address of the property.

What happens next?
We will cancel the Post Office Broadband or Phone account. If you would like to continue the service in another name, a new account needs to be set up. Our team will walk you through the next steps.

Priority Fault Repair

Post Office understand how important a phone service is and it’s even more important when our customers rely on it for health or mobility reasons.

The Priority Fault Repair Scheme exists across the industry in order to give certain customers priority over standard faults by dealing with them as soon as we can, every day of the year, including Christmas Day. Charges for Priority Fault Repair do not exceed standard charges for Fault Repair.

Customers may be eligible for Priority Fault Repair if they can demonstrate that their life is in peril whilst they are without their service in line with the guidance set out by Openreach.

The Post Office commit to contacting and updating Priority Repair Customers on a daily basis. It is accepted that the customer may, by mutual agreement, agree to reduce the frequency of updates.

Providing Information in different formats

Customers who require information in different formats can contact us on 03457 22 33 44 to request these. Large print and braille bills are available free of charge.

If customers have a disability that means they can’t use a printed directory, they can call directory enquiries for free. This service is provided via BT 195 and 198. They will need to register with BT for access.

Monitoring our policy

Post Office regularly review our agents’ performance and work closely with third parties to ensure we are meeting the needs of our vulnerable and disabled customers. We will regularly review this policy and the procedures in line with it.

How to obtain additional copies of this Vulnerability Policy

You can obtain additional copies of this Vulnerability Policy in the following ways:

Online: You can download a copy from the terms section of our website here

Post: by request in writing to:
Post Office Telecoms Services,
PO Box 14125,

Phone: Or by calling: 0345 600 3210. Calls to our Customer Care Line, 0345 600 3210 are free when made from an active Post Office home phone line.

Existing customers

Broadband and HomePhone Support

8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday

9am to 6pm, Sunday

0345 600 3210

0345 600 3210