Refer a friend today

  • Refer a friend to Post Office Home Phone, Broadband or Fibre and get £20 off your next bill*
  • The more friends that sign up, the more credit you receive


We've made our deal even better!

What do I need to do?

It’s simple – tell your friends about Post Office Home Phone, Broadband or Fibre and you’ll both get a £20 bill credit onto your bill once they’ve joined.

How does it work?

  • Tell your friend about Post Office Home Phone, Broadband or Fibre and get them to call us on 0800 121 7034 OR go online, and in the sign up journey there is an option to enter your friend's Post Office phone number!
  • Your friend places an order and provides us with your Post Office Home Phone number. That way we know it’s you who referred them.
  • Once they’ve placed their order and go live, we’ll apply a £20 credit to each of your accounts.

It’s as simple as that!

There’s truly no limit to the number of credits you can earn, you’ll just need to make sure your friend's services go live to be eligible for the £20 credit each time!

*Getting your £20 credit: To receive a recommend a friend £20 bill credit, you must be an existing Post Office Telecoms customer. The applicable £20 credit is subject to the recommended new customer’s service going live and will be credited to you and your friend’s next bill. Please allow 30 days from your friend’s Go Live date for the credit to be applied. Offer is available online or via our Customer Care Line on 0800 121 7034.

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How many times can I use the offer?

The recommend a friend offer is limitless. You can recommend as many friends as you want to the deal and you can pick up as many £20 credits as that amounts to.

When will I be credited the £20?

Once you’ve recommended a friend, their order has been placed and their service goes live, you’ll be credited your £20. This takes place after 30 days.

What happens if my friend eventually cancels their service?

As long as your friend's service has been live for 30 days, you will receive your credit.

Can I use the offer online?

Yes! During the sign up journey for any of our telephony products including Fibre there is an option to enter your friends Post Office phone number. The credit will be added to your account in the same way as it would by calling the contact centre.

Can I have multiple credits attached to my bills?

Yes. If you happen to recommend multiple friends within the same billing period which falls on to just one of your bills, you will be credited for each on that bill. 

How long does this offer last?

This £20 refer a friend offer is indefinite

How will the credit appear on my bill?

Once you’re due your £20 credit, it will appear on your bill under the ‘Adjustments & One-Off Charges’ section. It will be listed as a ‘Member get Member credit’.

Is there a different credit for different packages?

Regardless of the package you are on or the packacge you recommend to a friend, the credit you receive will remain at £20.

0800: Calls to 0800 numbers are normally free from UK landlines and mobile phones.

Tell your friends to call us:

0800 121 7034