Call charges and prices

We provide great rates on phone calls both within the UK and internationally. The cost of your calls and inclusive calls will vary depending on broadband or phone package you have and what additional call packages you may have. Please see the below tables for the call cost of our most popular packages.

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UK call charges

We’ve got four great UK call plans – Weekend, Evening & Weekend, Anytime, Anytime Plus. Note: Calls to UK landline numbers within your inclusive calls will be charged at standard rates if they exceed 60 continuous minutes (hang up and redial within 60 minutes to avoid charges). If you exceed the monthly inclusive call limits, you will also be charged at standard rates for these calls.

Calls to Rates
 UK landline (Beginning 01, 02 & 03 at all times)

18p a minute

UK Standard mobiles (at all times)

18p a minute

0845 & 0870 (at all times)

14p a minute + Service Charge ( set by the company you call)


There is a 23p call connection fee for all calls not included as part of a calls package except on inclusive/free calls and those (e.g. TV voting lines, directory enquiries etc.) which incur a higher charge.

Service Numbers (includes 09 numbers and Directory Enquiries)

Includes: 084, 087, 09, 118, 0844, 0845 and 0870 numbers. Call charges to the above numbers including Directory Enquiries, Premium Rate and Service Numbers are divided into two parts:

Access Charge: This is what Post Office will charge you for connecting the call (14p a minute).

Service Charge: This is what the organisation you are calling will charge you.

Calls to Rate
Service Numbers (Beginning 09, 118, 084 & 087 at all times)

14p a minute

+ Service Charge (set by the company you call)


International calls

If you make a lot of calls overseas please check out our International Saver package which offers unlimited calls to landlines in our International Saver 40 countries plus 50% off call rates to all other countries for just £5 a month.

For a list of our standard International call rates call please refer to our Call Rates and Plans guide below.

Download our Price Guide

Full prices of all Post Office Broadband & Phone services are available here:

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