No coverage? Get Broadband Connect

Post Office Broadband Connect

Our Home Phone and Unlimited Broadband services cover around 95% of the UK. If you live in a part of the UK we don’t cover, you can still get online with Broadband Connect.

Broadband Connect is our slower-speed service

Meant for basic browsing, emailing and sharing a few photos on social media. You won’t be able to stream live TV, download movies or get stuck into an online gaming session. But if you want to get online for simple everyday tasks that don’t involve sending or downloading bigger files, Broadband Connect might work for you.

You’ll get a free Wi-Fi router

When you place your order. Plus the features below:

  • Line rental

  • Unlimited downloads – there are no data caps

  • Free calls to other Post Office Home Phone numbers at any time


It’s £30 a month for 12 months

Plus £10 upfront for new customers with a working phone line. If you don’t have a phone line, we’ll arrange for an engineer to visit and install one. There’s a one-off charge for installation. We’ll go through all the costs with you before you confirm your order. So you know exactly what you’re paying for.

The maximum speed is 8Mb/s

When you place an order for Post Office Broadband Connect, you’ll get a download speed estimate for your address. You can check speed and availability online, in-branch or by calling the Home Phone and Broadband team on 0800 066 0514. Remember – you’re not under any obligation to buy anything at this point. It’s just a quote.

Your estimate shows the range of speeds your broadband should be able to reach when you’ve got one device attached to a Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cable.

A few things can affect broadband speed

Your location is just one of them. We base your broadband speed on other factors, like:

  • The distance from your home to the phone exchange – the shorter the distance, the stronger the signal

  • The age and condition of your home wiring

  • Electrical interference

  • Time of day you go online – at peak times like evenings and weekends there are more people online, which can affect the speed of your broadband

  • How many people are using your network at the same time – when more devices are using your Wi-Fi connection, the broadband speed slow.


Your actual broadband speed might be slower than the one you see advertised or any speed we give you.

If you need fast or superfast broadband

You could look at another provider to see if they can offer the right broadband for you. Until we have network coverage in your area, Broadband Connect is the fastest broadband we can offer.

Existing customers

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0345 600 3210


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